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Wise Use of Indoor and Outdoor Space in Jacksonville Floor Plans

Courtesy Modani.com

Courtesy Modani.com

One of the many joys of purchasing a new home is the ability to tailor the home to your own needs and lifestyle. Yet sometimes it’s easy to focus more on the appearance of the home than its functionality. Fortunately, when you work with Glenn Layton Homes, a home builder in Jacksonville FL, you can rest assured that your home will make the most of the space available, while also maintaining the beauty of authentic coastal architecture.

Whether it’s their special HGTV Smart Home 2013 or your own personal home, Glenn Layton Homes offers up functionality in a stunning setting. Their homes evoke the relaxed beauty and style of Florida beach living, while featuring the latest in home technology to make the home more efficient and comfortable.

They also seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living, expanding the home’s living space. The use of windows, large cascading sliding glass doors, and covered patios and porches allow homeowners to move easily between indoor and outdoor living. Pools, fire pits, and small gardens with native plants that require limited irrigation further expand the outdoor living options, allowing each home to take advantage of the Florida climate.

Expanding the living space beyond the traditional home gives homeowners a wider range of options when it comes to day-to-day living, as well as entertaining. Careful thought has also gone into the interior of the home, making sure all space is equally functional. Almost every home buyer wants more storage space when looking for a new home, and Glenn Layton Homes delivers. From storage space for bicycles and beach chairs to closets for bulk-size shopping, a variety of storage options are available throughout the home. Naturally, extra cabinetry is included in kitchen islands and there are built-in shelving options for many rooms. Additionally, one of the design features available includes a home-management center near the family entrance that is designed for storing items such as keys, phones, wallets and backpacks.

By working with a home builder in Jacksonville FL like Glenn Layton Homes, you will have a home that makes the most of every square foot of your property, in a way that is both useful and beautiful.

Recently Completed New Homes in Jacksonville by Glenn Layton


If you’re considering working with custom home builders in Jacksonville FL, look no further than Glenn Layton Homes. They build beautiful, custom, costal-living-style homes in breathtaking settings. As well as having built the 2013 HGTV Smart Home in Paradise Key South Beach, Jacksonville, Florida, they have completed a number of custom-built homes recently that show just how carefully and thoughtfully they combine open-air coastal living with modern comforts and design. You can see all of the stunning details of these homes in the Recent Projects Gallery on their website. Continue reading

Summer Living on a Winter Day


Summer House by Glenn Layton Homes

Summer House by Glenn Layton Homes

Really, we can’t complain living in Jacksonville, Florida, about cold weather.  But on a day like today, we all need something to keep us warm.  How about a coastal style, custom built home by Glenn Layton Homes?  We have just what you need … a Summer House.  Continue reading

Advantages of Building a Custom Home on Your Own Lot in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Layton Pics_20120123_7120Building a new home starts with the three key points of real estate; location, location, location.  The proper location for your new house is crucial for a variety of reasons.  A good location will increase in value over time, thus adding value to your home.  A properly placed home will be in a safe, quiet location.  A prime location will be close to fast roadways, shopping centers, and entertainment without being too close for comfort.  The best thing a new home owner could do is  buy a lot they want to build their new home on. Continue reading

Creative Kitchen Island Designs

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Creating the “perfect” kitchen will be different for everyone, but one thing all can agree on is the perfect kitchen has a lot of space in which to work and extra storage.  Working shoulder to shoulder in the kitchen might be quaint for a romantic date, but it quickly becomes a hassle when you’re making a Thanksgiving dinner for twenty people.  You have the luxury of designing your perfect kitchen when you purchase a new home from Glenn Layton Homes, as they are in the business of making custom designed homes a reality in Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra. Continue reading

How to Turn Your Home Into a Staycation Resort

00004119Who says you have to leave your home to relax?  When you start designing your new home, think about turning into a Staycation Resort.  There are a few easy features that quickly turn your normal house plans into a luxurious location for a staycation.  When your house is a treat to be at, you can turn every weekend into a mini vacation and long weekends easily become preplanned staycations.  When you are in the design stage for your home, you will want to focus a few simple aspects that will make your home feel more and more like a calming resort. Continue reading

Outdoor Living Trends

The great outdoors is calling, so invite it in!  Outdoor living trends have waxed and waned over the past century as wrap around porches gave way to more space inside, but the outdoors have renewed attention from home builders as more and more people want to experience the outside of the house as much as the inside.  Continue reading

Hot HGTV Home Design Shows

Serenata 2 - Elevation LeftHome design is a growing topic of interest for many people from all walks of life.  Some people have a fully designed home they made themselves and have the plans tucked away in a drawer, while others have a few ideas in their minds that they will incorporate into their home at a later date.  Everyone, no matter what level of involvement, is attracted to home design shows for ideas and inspiration.  Here are some of the hot design shows on HGTV that everyone is getting inspiration from. Continue reading

Coastal Inspired Decor Tips for Your Home

Life - Beach Family 2Summer is almost here with balmy weather and long, relaxing nights.  It’s time your home matched the changing season, so add a touch of the ocean to brighten up your home.  It doesn’t matter if you live a stones’ throw from the ocean or a thousand miles, you can get the look and feel of the coastal living style with a few simple steps. Continue reading

How to Build a Coastal Lifestyle Inspired New Home

GLH Ext 7Living near the beach in Jacksonville, FL, is one of the best ways to live with the sand, the sun, and the shore just inches away from your door.  When you are living next to the coast you are living the coastal lifestyle and your home should reflect that aspect of your life to take full advantage of your situation.  When you are designing your new home in Jacksonville, think of these features to center your coastal lifestyle around. Continue reading