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Employee Profile: Derek Dees

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Glenn Layton Homes is known as a leading home builder in Jacksonville Beach FL. We’ve been building custom coastal homes for years and have a long list of satisfied customers. In fact, many people love their homes so much that over the years, they prefer to simply do some renovations to update or expand, rather than find a new home. Fortunately, we’ve also added renovations to our list of services. To help with this part of our business, we’ve acquired the invaluable help of Derek Dees, our Director of Renovations.

Dees oversees, manages, and works to grow our renovations division. He joined us recently after spending many years as a finish carpenter by trade, and then opening his own company, Dees Contracting LLC. Even though he says he learned at the School of Hard Knocks, as he talks about his career and now working with us, the enjoyment he gets from his work is clear. “I love working with people and working with my hands. I enjoy the team atmosphere that our company has.”

Of course, a great team atmosphere doesn’t mean things aren’t kept lively! When trying to explain a typical day for him, Dees laughs, and says, “Crazy. Between the jobs that I need to be at and the calls and the prospective customers, it gets filled before it starts. I look at it as a positive when days are like this though, because that means we are busy and moving forward. Everyone’s job and careers are safe.”

It’s interesting to note the difference in the questions he gets on a regular basis from customers vs coworkers. “Co-workers usually ask about the plan for the day, what our next steps are, and how we can be more efficient.” While customers certainly want to know how things are progressing and fitting with the budget, they’re also likely to ask much harder questions. Dees says, “Customers also like to ask somewhat more technical questions like, ‘How is this going to tie into the beam in the ceiling?’” Obviously, customers are always going to keep you on your toes!

It’s not all hard work and no play for Dees, though. A native of the Jacksonville/Northeast Florida area, he’s spent his whole life in the region and knows it well. He recognizes the coastal architectural style that is a part of the style Glenn Layton Homes creates. Growing up in this region, it’s no surprise that he loves to fish and hunt. He also has a passion for football, having played quarterback in high school and college. Nowadays, he stays involved with the sport by coaching his son. “I have an amazing family. I have been married for 15+ years and we have three kids. I’ve been through many trials in my life, but I have been blessed to come out better on the other side.”

We’re incredibly happy to have Derek Dees as a part of our company. As a home builder in Jacksonville Beach FL now getting more involved in renovation, it’s talented, dedicated people like Dees who keep our business going and make our customers happy every day.

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