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Indoor Outdoor Living Spaces

January 25, 2020 4:28 pm Published by Comments Off on Indoor Outdoor Living Spaces

One of the benefits of living in Florida is the amount of time you can spend outdoors throughout the year. Even the winters are often comfortable with some cozy sweaters and throw blankets and a warming fire pit. So when you choose to build on your lot in Jacksonville Beach FL, make sure you pay close attention to creating truly comfortable outdoor living space that is just as appealing as your indoor living space. Glenn Layton Homes can help you design a home that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living for the dream coastal home.

When you put serious thought into creating a real outdoor living space, you not only increase the living space in your home, you increase its resale value. Home buyers recognize the benefits of a beautifully landscaped outdoor area, especially if it is designed to allow for lights, outdoor cooking, and options for screening. Ideally, you want a Florida room, also known as a sunroom, with plenty of large windows to let in light, as well as a designated outdoor area for comfortable living. Ideally, one could flow into the other through large glass doors, which also allow for comfortable breezes when the temperature is just right for open windows and doors. If you prefer, you could extend a covered patio further with a fully screened-in area, letting in light and fresh air, without letting in insects.

To make the most of your indoor/outdoor living design, let one area seamless blend into the next. Start with an interior family room with lots of windows and large doors that open onto a covered patio. The covered patio provides necessary shade and protection for the interior area of the home. The covered patio area also allows you to create a space that truly becomes a second family room, with comfortable furniture, dining tables, lights, rugs, and even artwork. You could even choose similar colors and materials for the outside patio as you use in the inside room. Alternatively, choose complementary colors and materials so there’s still a sense of unity between the two spaces, joining them together.

Of course, you’ll always want an area out in the sun for that extra dose of Vitamin D. Especially during spring and fall, when the temperature is still warm enough to enjoy the sun without the excessive heat of full summer, this can be a great place to relax, read, entertain, or even get some work done. Further expand the use of this exposed area with strings of decorative lights to make it useful long into the evening. Simple strands of lights create a dreamy, relaxed atmosphere that will find you spending your evenings outdoors, potentially spending more time together as a family or with friends, bonding, sharing memories, and simply having a good time in the company of others.

Choose outdoor furnishings that look good enough for inside the home and you’ll have a space that looks and feels like a true living space. By expanding your living area, you’re expanding your living options. Entertaining becomes even easier, especially with an outdoor kitchen, and you could even create your own outdoor cinema, perfect for bringing friends and family together. When you build on your lot in Jacksonville Beach FL, make sure you think carefully about all of the ways you can turn your outdoor areas into additional living areas. Glenn Layton Homes is an expert at this and can expand your living area and your dreams.

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