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Troubleshooting Home Maintenance Tips

December 15, 2019 11:42 pm Published by Comments Off on Troubleshooting Home Maintenance Tips

One of the reasons people choose to work with a custom home builder like Glenn Layton Homes is the fact that their brand new home is less likely to suffer any major issues. Plus, if something does go wrong, many issues are covered by the warranty. Still problems can occur occasionally, so if you discover some sort of plumbing or electrical issue, the following are troubleshooting tips to help you fix any minor issues or manage until an expert can be called.


If all of your power goes out, first check to see if your neighbors have power and that it’s not a problem with the power company. If it’s only you, check the electrical sub panel on the interior of your home where you’ll find all of your individual circuit breakers. Check all of the breakers, including the main electrical breaker in a panel box on the exterior of your home if necessary, and look for any damaged breakers. If a breaker is tripped, but otherwise looks undamaged, turn it back on again. If multiple have been tripped, you may need to turn them all off and then on again, preferably one at a time. If power doesn’t return and then call the electric company or Glenn Layton Homes.

It it is the main circuit breaker that has tripped, make sure you turn off all of the sub circuits in the panel located inside your home. Shut down everything for two to three minutes and then begin turning the circuits back on, one at a time, to avoid overloading the system.

If there’s no power to an individual outlet or light fixture, first check to make sure there isn’t a wall switch related to the outlet that needs to be turned on. Check any bulbs, as well. Finally, check the individual breaker.

In the kitchen, bathroom, and outside receptacles, make sure major appliances aren’t connected to a Ground Fault Interrupt Device (GFI Outlet).

Finally, if there are sparks or smoke, shut off the appropriate breaker switch, then unplug the appliance, and check for damage to the cord or plug. If the outlet is the problem, call Glenn Layton Homes, and if there’s any risk of fire, immediately call the fire department.


Sewer backups are only covered for a 30-day period after closing providing the blockage is from construction debris and not misusage. Most likely, you will need a rooter service to take care of any backups. Be sure you go with a reputable, experienced company that won’t cause further damage.

Leaks under toilets, sinks, showers, and tubs may require turning the water off at the fixture or avoiding using the shower or tub until a repair company can fix the problem. If a major plumbing leak occurs or a water line breaks, turn off the main water valve that is usually located near the entry sidewalk, outside the garage, in a ground-level box near the street or in your basement. Call the Glenn Layton Homes emergency number to arrange for service.

Glenn Layton is a leading custom home builder and always strives to build the best quality homes possible, but problems can happen. These are just a few tips to help you with some issues that can arise. Always be sure to check your homeowner documents for complete information concerning warranties and whom to contact first.

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