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2019 Sherwin Williams Color

Choosing to work with Glenn Layton to build one of the new homes in Jacksonville Beach FL for you is one of the best choices you’ll make. They build the kind of homes that truly take the environment and your needs into consideration to create a home that seems a part of the landscape and that is a pleasure to live in all year long. They also have a design team to help you choose those finishing touches, including paint colors. While you may be tempted to keep things neutral, there’s always some room where you should have some fun with color. Perhaps give the 2019 Sherwin Williams Color a spot in your new home.

This year, the 2019 Color of the Year is Cavern Clay SW 7701, a warm terracotta hue that may at first seem more appropriate for the southwest than the coast, but it also calls to mind some of the warm tones of that Florida clay. It also complements the earthy sand tones that are popular choices for coastal homes and you may find that it pairs well with other popular coastal tones, particularly blues.

The warm, vaguely orange tones of Cavern Clay pair well with a variety of blues, a complementary color on the color wheel. For example, consider taking a crisp, white room and adding taller wainscotting and panelling painted in the Cavern Clay for a touch of warmth to the sharp white. In a room flooded with natural light, this keeps the room bright and inviting. To bring in the coastal feel, add in a blue sofa or a pair of side chairs, along with a palm frond plant that is sleek, yet with a hint of the tropical. This color was chosen for its ability to bring the outdoors in, as well as its touch of mid-century modern feeling. With the new homes in Jacksonville Beach FL that Glenn Layton Homes builds, bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out is all part of their building philosophy. From the local plantings to the open-plan living, a Glenn Layton home combines beautiful natural inspiration with the latest in cutting edge design and technology. Incorporating a color like Cavern Clay is a great way to stay on top of the latest design trends, while still staying true to the coastal lifestyle. You’ll find that this color can be surprisingly versatile and the design team at Glenn Layton Homes will be happy to help you find the perfect way to incorporate it into your new home.

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