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Architect Profile: Michael Stauffer, AIA

When you choose Glenn Layton Homes as your home builder in Jacksonville FL, you know you’re getting an experienced, top-quality team that will help you create your ideal home. Part of that process and teamwork involves architect Michael Stauffer. Based in St. Augustine, he works closely with Glenn Layton Homes and the home buyer to design a home that stands the test of time and also meets the owner’s daily needs.

Stauffer credits the teamwork that ensures they can design a home that meets the customer’s requests, while also working to budget and constructability. As he says, “Glenn and I have a check and balance system that helps produce a cost-effective yet creative design.” Once Stauffer has created the design, they get the rest of the team engaged in the project, including draftsmen, engineers, and even the in-house selection coordination and interior design team who play an important role in how the building comes together as a home. At this point the construction team comes in with all of these carefully considered plans and is able to construct a home that satisfies everyone involved.

One of the reasons that Stauffer is able to design homes that truly satisfy the buyer is his ability to understand what they want by putting himself in their position. “It is my goal though our design meeting to ascertain the owners’ lifestyle and see how their new home will complement the way they live. Then I design a home that fits for them.”

It also helps that he is a strong believer in the indoor/outdoor lifestyle that is a major component of Glenn Layton Homes. As he explains, “During the design, I site the house on the lot to maximize this [indoor/outdoor] connection. In the end, the interior spaces feel more grand since the line of sight extends to the outdoors.” Stauffer’s own passion for this design approach enables him to create homes that are a true oasis for clients who turn to Glenn Layton Homes for just this kind of environment.

The indoor/outdoor living approach pairs well with the trend of the past decade in which home buyers are looking for quality over quantity and are choosing relatively smaller homes than in the past. Interior rooms don’t always have to be as big, because the exterior space adds to the living area visually and physically. Stauffer sees this emphasis on quality continuing for at least the next decade if not longer. This suits his him well, as he explains, “In my design, I try and avoid trendy elements and attempt to design architecture that has a timeless appeal.”

With this approach, it is no wonder he and Glenn Layton Homes, home builder in Jacksonville FL, work so well together. They both focus on building homes that reflect the coastal living lifestyle and the lifestyle of their clients. The end result is a home that brings happiness and pride to everyone involved.

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