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How to Choose the Right Color Palette for Your New Home

Ever wonder why it feels so relaxing when looking at a picture of a Glenn Layton Home? Just ask our homeowners who constantly refer to their homes as a “retreat” or call their master suites “spa-like.” When building a new home in Jacksonville Beach FL with Glenn Layton Homes, we put as much focus on the paint selection as we do on the floor plan. We have to. Your mental well-being relies on it.

Colors play into our emotional, mental, and physical reactions to spaces, so current color trends and color palettes could be considered two of the most influential aspects when formulating a design. The color trends for 2016 offer a myriad of colors depending on your desired design style.

Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore selected white as their color of the year. Obviously white is a color of purity, subtlety, and can harmonize with any accent color. White can be applied as a wall color, used — if you’re brave — as upholstery, and is a popular choice as a kitchen cabinet finish. White lends itself to many styles of design, be it traditional, minimalist, organic, transitional, rustic, or coastal.

Bye bye brown! The breakout neutral color for 2016 is gray. As long as it’s not a battleship shade, gray can go with almost any other accent colors. There are green, blue, and purple shades of gray, so be careful not to pull too much of one base. Shoot for the truest shade of gray if you are seeking a neutral.

Feeling blue? Shades of blue can range from milky to indigo, depending on how intense and dramatic you desire. You will find white, gray, and blue as a staple color palette in coastal design. This color palette gives you plenty of flexibility to bring in other accent colors without being tied to only three colors for wall, furniture, lighting, and flooring.

If you’re feeling the need for boldness in your new home in Jacksonville Beach FL, then you’ll gravitate toward the jewel tones. Rich purples, reds, greens, blues, and gold have shown themselves popular in 2016. You can find them in either ultra-traditional designs, which is expected, or in slightly modern, which is a new twist on a classic color palette. Jewel tones are a noticeable addition in luxurious fabrics and wallpaper. These colors tend to evoke a more exotic influence of design and accents.

A new development as color trends have evolved is there aren’t hard and fast rules as to what works. There is a lot of mixing and matching that happens when it comes to colors. There are some more expected combinations which are considered safe, but if you are an outside-of-the-box designer, you’ll push the color limits. Sometimes there isn’t a right or wrong, it’s how you feel and what you want to achieve. By working with a custom home builder in Jacksonville FL, like Glenn Layton Homes, you can work with our outstanding design team to create a home that just feels right.

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