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Coastal Color Palettes For Your Home

Shades of blue, white, and sand are classic coastal color palettes, thanks to their sense of tranquility and nature. They create a soothing, relaxed atmosphere that marries well with the laid-back coastal lifestyle. Yet there are plenty of ways to create a coastal look in your home, while still playing with bold and bright colors. Glenn Layton Homes frequently pair eye-catching colors with their classic coastal architecture, creating homes that suit their surroundings and their owners.

Indoors or out, consider using pops of color to create visual interest that isn’t overwhelming. A sand or slate-grey home exterior fits seamlessly into its surroundings, while accents of turquoise and white add a crisp, bold touch. A bold aqua on your front door and on your porch roof draw the eye in and bring to mind blue skies and relaxed living. Of course, you can make a real statement, by painting the exterior walls of your home in bold tropical colors such as pink, yellow, or sea blue, using bright whites for trim, railings, and windows.

Indoors, consider the beautiful colors of sea glass for your color palette. Lighter shades of blue, green, and purple can be used for the wall color, while darker shades can be used to make an impact on window trim, baseboards, connecting doors, or accent walls.

In the kitchen, neutral colors and wood tones help keep the room feeling cool and clean, but to make the space pop, consider adding in amethyst-colored tile for the backsplash, or painting the base of the kitchen island a bright coral or sunny yellow.  Even when sticking with neutral tones for the main backsplash, counter, and cabinet colors, using bold colors as accent pieces adds a real sense of style and sophistication to the space.

Although blue is often the first color people think of when planning their coastal design, yellow is a great way to pull in the warm, sunny feel of a home by the ocean. Rich golden brown wood floors glow when paired with a variety of shades of yellow.

Whether you choose airy, watery, light colors or bold, tropical hues, there are plenty of ways to use coastal color palettes throughout your home to create the perfect, relaxed environment.

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