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Coastal Construction Features in New Oasis Club Home: The Guana Cay

When it comes to searching out luxury homes Ponte Vedra Beach FL is the ideal location to explore. In particular, Oasis Club is a unique community that features custom-built homes located across from the Atlantic Ocean. One of these stunning coastal home designs is the Guana Cay, a two-story home that marries style with sturdiness.

With hurricane season starting, the construction of coastal homes is an important consideration, especially with luxury homes located so close to the ocean. Glenn Layton understands the special needs of coastal homes and works carefully to ensure each home they build is designed to meet these unique needs.

It is important to take into consideration the location of the homes and community and how the weather typically affects them. When building the Guana Cay home, it is engineered specifically for the coastal wind zones in St. Johns County, where the homes are built. The windows are also engineered to a rating of 65 DPI to resist driving wind and rain. This means they are able to withstand a wind pressure of 65 pounds per square inch pushing against it from the exterior of the building.

Over the last few decades, more and more research has gone into how to keep homes standing throughout heavy storms and coastal homes are now built according to a variety of requirements and regulations. The Guana Cay features a first-floor poured concrete block construction, as well as a raised stem wall foundation that meets FEMA requirements. In addition, a threaded-rod tie-down engineered system helps to distribute the structural loads to the correct load-bearing point in the foundation. All of these elements contribute to a much stronger, solid foundation that is able to stand up to the various water and wind elements that coastal homes face, even without hurricanes.

A strong, stable, water-resistant foundation is a must for any home, but it is also important to make sure the roof area of a coastal home can stand up to the driving winds and rain. To add a further layer of protection, an underlayment is applied beneath the metal roof as a secondary water barrier for driving winds.

By incorporating all of these important structural elements into their luxury homes Ponte Vedra Beach FL communities like Oasis Club are better able to withstand the coastal storms that visit the area. With this careful construction, builders like Glenn Layton can then focus on creating homes that are as beautiful as they are strong.

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