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Coastal Design: I couldn’t possibly live with a white sofa!

If you look at any coastal home design photos on sites like Houzz and Pinterest, you’ll quickly notice that white sofas are all the rage. Certainly they evoke emotions of a clean, fresh, spring or summer day, especially paired with the beautiful bright colored pillows and painted furniture that are located here in Jacksonville Beach.

living with a white sofa

St Augustine Beach home staging by Rave ReViews Home Staging

When talking with home owners about adding this coastal design staple, I’m usually met with, “I couldn’t possibly live with a white sofa!” Then it continues with any number of excuses ranging from kids, to pets, to husbands. The notion is that white sofas are quick to get dirty and impossible to clean.

Are white sofas really OK for real people?

While white sofas are great for coastal design photos, the question is, “Are they really OK for regular people leading every day lives?”

white sofas in coastal designs

Jacksonville Beach home staging by Rave ReViews Home Staging

In answer to this I have two words. “SLIPCOVERS” and “BLEACH”.

If you have both of these items, then YES! a white sofa could be in your future coastal home. Live the beach cottage dream, as long as it’s on a washable slip cover. You see, beige or grey may sound more practical, but white can be bleached. Clorox can be a wonderful thing.

white sofas in home staging

Jacksonville home staging by Rave ReViews Home Staging

White slipcovers aren’t just for sofas and living room chairs either!

If you love the white slip covered look, you are in luck. White isn’t just for the living room anymore. Now it’s filtered it’s way throughout the home.

white slipcovered chairs

Ponte Vedra Beach home staging by Rave ReViews Home Staging

When combined with bold prints, then can add a touch of solitude and tranquility, making the space less “fussy”, while still keeping it bold and sophisticated.

pops of color in home staging

St Augustine home staging by Rave ReViews Home Staging

Mixed with bright pops of color, or mixed metal designs, white slip covers feel rustic chic. Yes, this coastal design element is perhaps the chameleon that every home needs to truly embrace contemporary cottage life.

Best of all, it is in fact livable, as long as you don’t have anything against an occasional bleaching.


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