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Coastal Living Design Style Brings the Outdoors In

Life on the coast is pure bliss.  Ocean breezes, warm weather, and being a short walk or a quick drive from the ocean are all great feelings to wake up to in the morning.  Costal living is a great way to live and Jacksonville Beach FL is one of the best places to celebrate that fact.  When you are designing your new custom home in Jacksonville Beach, you should exemplify coastal living in your home design.  There are many ways to bring out the coastal living design, from color palettes to building material, so here are a few hints and tips to get you started on your own custom home design.

Make your home open to the outside world.  Living on the coast is a unique opportunity, so you should take full advantage of it by placing floor to ceiling doors and windows.  Your living room should extend beyond the walls of your home and out onto a patio or balcony with a large sliding doorway.  Floor to ceiling windows will let in a lot of natural light and your custom home in Jacksonville Beach should have a lot of natural light. Also aim to catch the first rays in the morning and the last sunshine in the evening with windows facing East and West.  To get the full effect of coastal living you should have a few sky lights and a sun room to get as much sunlight into your home.   Make sure every window in the house has a great view of the outside world.  Pick window locations that amplify the beauty outside by capturing views of the beach, ocean, trees, or gardens.

Look for natural building materials when you are picking out your floor.  A great way to bring the outside into your home is by building your home out of natural materials and flooring is a great way to show off building materials.  A wooden floor brings in a natural charm that no other flooring material can quite replicate.  Also, consider using siding materials on an inside wall.  This will add texture to an otherwise ordinary wall, and become a focal point of your home.

Plan to let nature decorate your home with rocks, shells, fruits, and other natural items.  You can figure out the specifics once the house is built, but leave room in and around your home to place these natural items.  Nooks in the wall, large window sills, and furnishing tables all work very well for displaying your natural treasures.

Give your senses a treat throughout your home with a display of colors, feelings, and smells that bring out the coastal living design.  Your paint colors should be based in nature and leaning towards the lighter shade of the spectrum.  Pale blues, greens, tan, off white, and yellows really bring out the coastal lifestyle by emulating the colors naturally found on the coast.  Using natural materials for rugs and furniture, such as wicker chairs and jute rugs, is a great way to bring the outside into your home.  A few sticks of incense can do wonders to spice up your home and bring out the coastal aroma, but nothing can beat a strong cross breeze rolling through your home.

These ideas will help you get started on your custom home design.  While a few of these plans might seem like a real challenge, you will be building a custom home and you will want the best custom home builders on the job.  Glenn Layton Homes has decades of experience building custom made homes along the coast and they are ready to make your dreams a reality.  Start planning your custom coastal home today.

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