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Creative Kitchen Island Designs

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Creating the “perfect” kitchen will be different for everyone, but one thing all can agree on is the perfect kitchen has a lot of space in which to work and extra storage.  Working shoulder to shoulder in the kitchen might be quaint for a romantic date, but it quickly becomes a hassle when you’re making a Thanksgiving dinner for twenty people.  You have the luxury of designing your perfect kitchen when you purchase a new home from Glenn Layton Homes, as they are in the business of making custom designed homes a reality in Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra.

When you sit down and make a list of things you want in your dream kitchen, include a kitchen island.  A kitchen island provides a lot of extra counter area, as well as extra storage space in the form of drawers, cabinets, and hanging racks.  Below are a few ideas to help you design your perfect kitchen island to go along with your perfect kitchen.

For a creative touch, use part of the kitchen island as a place to eat.  You can use different levels if you want more of a bar feel with tall stools.  For a higher counter, get swiveling bar stools that attach into the floor.  This provides a great place to casually eat a snack and gives you a place to kick your feet up as you watch over a dish that needs a long, low simmer.

Entertaining guests in the kitchen is an up and coming trend that is getting more and more popular.  Keep your guests thoroughly entertained as you prepare food with some lights and music.  For music, plan to have a digital music player dock someplace accessible yet out of the way so you can charge your music player while it plays.  Place speakers in the cabinets all around your kitchen to get the full range and tone of your music.  When it comes to lighting your new home in Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra, the sky is the limit.  Use the natural light that will come into your home as inspiration.  You can add more cabinet space on the wall by using hanging lights that are suspended right over your kitchen island.  Also don’t forget lighting under dark cabinets so you can see your work on the counter.

Finally, when it comes to kitchen islands, you don’t need to stick to straight lines and squares.  This is your custom made kitchen, so get creative.  You can place a kitchen island in your kitchen with some gentle curves for a touch of something different.  Or you could go in the opposite direction and add extreme curves that could make your kitchen island look more like a C from above so one person in the center would have easy access to a lot of space and storage.

There are many things you can do with a kitchen island and these are only a few ideas to help you get started.  If you think it, Glenn Layton Homes can build it.  Your custom made kitchen awaits, so get inspired, get creative, and get your new home planned.

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