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Creative Uses for Barn Doors

creative uses for barn doorsWhen it comes to doors, most people don’t give them very much thought, other than color and handle choices. After all, a door is a door. Yet doors can have a major impact on the flow and feel of a room. They can also create decorating issues when they limit available floor space. Sliding doors, such as barn doors, offer a new approach and look. Here are some creative uses for barn doors to take advantage of your coastal home lifestyle.

Barn doors may bring to mind country farms, rather than a tropical oasis, yet with the right styling and color, a sliding barn door can be perfect for a stylish but casual coastal home. Weathered wood in light grey tones, for example, look perfectly at home amid the cool blues, sandy colors, and crisp whites of coastal decorating, bringing to mind driftwood rather than old red barns.

When it comes to a coastal home, the ocean offers a wealth of inspiration with white sandy beaches, blue skies, and warm breezes. Glenn Layton Homes builds homes that make the most of both the outdoors and the indoors, creating open-flow rooms that allow you to easily move from space to space, like a welcome summer breeze. Rather than using lots of interior walls to divide spaces, barn doors can create a more open atmosphere, without taking up floor space. They are particularly useful for spaces where a traditional swing door won’t fit.

Whether serving as a buffer to a home office or as stylish closet doors, there are plenty of creative uses for barn doors and incorporate them into any home. From solid-wood doors to a blend of wood and glass, or even fully transparent panels or mirrors, it’s easy to find a door that suits every need. As long as there’s sufficient wall space to either side, you can even use two separate barn doors for larger openings, creating a new take on classic French doors. When left open, they create an easy flow between rooms, and when partially or fully closed, they form an attractive, cozy space that doesn’t limit your furniture placement. With barn doors, your custom home takes on new levels of style and originality.

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