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Decorating tips for your guest bedroom in your custom home in Jacksonville Beach

painted coastal furnitureLiving on the coast has a lot of perks, especially the great weather, which often brings guests and company for visits.  The guest bedroom should not be overlooked while you are planning your decorations and designs for your custom home in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. You should think of your guest bedroom as a small showcase for your home.  You will want to make a great impression on your guests by showing off your home while being a great host at the same time.  There are a few different ways to really make your guest bedroom shine while highlighting the coastal lifestyle.

Your coastal lifestyle home has a certain theme, such as bright colors or nautical décor, and your guest bedroom should amplify that.  This doesn’t mean going overboard, you don’t need to cram all of the starfish and looking glasses you own into the guest bedroom, but the nicer decorations should rest in this bedroom.  The guest bedroom is also a great place to bring out the coastal lifestyle décor more than it is represented in the rest of your home.  If your home has a slight nautical theme with one or two small pieces of décor scattered around the entire house, you can put a few more in the guest bedroom to make the room stand out.  There are a few different designs your guest bedroom can employ.

The first is just simple paint colors.  Take the color scheme of your home and turn it up a little bit.  Make the colors brighter and bolder for some extra effect.  This is a great way to add a guest bedroom to the sharper, modern coastal lifestyle home.

Make your guest bedroom ready for visitors from around the world by decorating the room with maps.  Add an interactive element to your room by wall papering one wall with a map of the world and let your guests put in a push pin noting where they’re from and where they have been.  This would be a great place to use old chests and steamer trunks as storage furniture.

Bring out the rustic charm of the coastal lifestyle with thin wall planks and white wash.  While the retro feel might sound out of place at first, the sight of bright white and worn wood panels brings up thoughts and feelings that cannot be replicated.  A few simple decorations and a light blue ceiling is enough to send anyone to a place of calm.

Remember that few things can beat natural light.  Large windows are a great feature to bring in a lot of light to make your guest bedroom the best it can be.  These are just a few decorating ideas to get your designs off the ground.  Be sure to ask Glenn Layton Homes for some more hints when you are designing your custom home in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, as they have years of experience making the right homes just the way customers want them.  Start planning your guest bedroom in your new home today.

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