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A DIY Swimsuit Station Will Keep Your Beachwear Organized

26039377_SOne of the joys of living in one of the new homes in Jacksonville FL is the frequent proximity to both swimming pools and beaches. On hot summer days, swimming and floating in the water is the perfect way to keep cool and relax. However, the mess of wet swimsuits, towels, sunscreen, and other swimming gear can undo any of the relaxation. To get your swim and beach gear under control, here are a few tips for an easy swimsuit station you can create yourself.

Ideally, your swimsuit station should be housed in the bathroom, garage, or some covered area where you are likely to pass through on your way to or from the water. It should be a storage place for wet and dry swimsuits and towels, as well as a place for sunscreen, goggles, toys and other small swimming items, making it easy to pack everything you need for a day at the beach.

Start with a tower of wire cubes that can be purchased at stores like Target, The Container Store, or on Amazon. The wire cubes make it easy to see everything and can be used for air drying damp items or hanging small items. The number of cubes depends on how much you plan on storing and how big your family is, but you’ll probably want at least three or four.
Inside each cube, use smaller baskets to gather together similar items. For example, have one basket solely for all of your sunscreen. In another, you can store swim goggles, caps, nose plugs, and other small items. In another cube, with or without a storage basket, roll up your clean beach towels and store them together. Rolling them makes them easier to store and quickly grab on the way out to the pool or beach.

A storage basket and cube dedicated solely to clean swimwear is a convenient way to keep all of the swimwear grouped together. Likewise, you may want to create a basket dedicated to clean clothes, especially if they’ll be worn again after swimming.

To deal with wet swimwear, an outdoor clothesline is ideal, but it’s easy to forget about items left to dry. As an alternative, and to keep items together, use S-hooks to hang damp swimwear from your cube tower, or hang wall hooks next to the tower. However, you’ll want to make sure the wall and floor can handle any dampness.

Some of the new homes in Jacksonville FL, especially those built by Glenn Layton Homes, have the potential for outdoor shower and storage areas perfect for keeping all of your swim and beach items together. No matter how or where you keep things organized, remember to wear sunscreen and enjoy your time by the water.

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