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Eco Friendly Paint Options for your custom built home in Jacksonville Beach

Health and safety go hand in hand with each other and they are key factors in any decision you make regarding you and your family.  When it comes to building your new custom home in Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra Florida you might think about safety rails, wider stairs, and rounded corners on counter edges to make sure your family is safe, but you should also be thinking about the paint.  While lead based paint is only a problem in old houses, you still want to make ensure the paint in your home is going to keep your family, and the local environment, health and safe.  The best way to do that is look at your eco-friendly paint options.

Eco-friendly paint will have low to no volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, in their make-up which makes them safe for your family as well as the environment.  VOCs will release harmful chemicals from paint for a long time after the paint dries, but there are a few options and alternatives.  Below is a helpful list to let you know what to look for in a safe, healthy and eco-friendly paint options.

Latex paints are a great, sure fire way to keep VOCs down and tend to be the more eco-friendly types of paint as opposed to oil based paint, as oil based paints tend to have a high amount of VOCs.  Check with the label and the paint manufacturer and see what amount of VOCs are in the paint as paints.  It is recommended that paints with less than 50 grams per liter are safer and eco-friendly.

Milk paints are another eco-friendly option to look for.  Milk paints require a bit of preparation and a more knowledge than just using a brush, but Glenn Layton Homes has that experience so you can rest easy.  Milk paints tend to have no VOCs in them at all and some are just made up with raw, organic products, nothing synthetic in them which could be the right touch you want for your custom home in Jacksonville Beach.  This will give your home a unique story and feel.

When looking at paints, remember that there is the base coat and the tinting which are usually both labeled differently from each other, so be sure to check both for VOCs.  While the base coat might have no VOCs, the tinting might have a high number.  So, remember to check with the manufacturer.  Of course, the best way around having to chase down the VOC count in your paints is to double check with your home builder.  Glenn Layton has years of experience building homes and the level of customization in each homes goes beyond the floor plan.

These are a few general options to help you get started on your eco-friendly paint selection.  Selecting eco-friendly paints will help the environment as well as the health of your family.  The market is flush with eco-friendly paints, so your color palette will not suffer from your choice of paint.  Your custom built home deserves to be built the way you want, so add eco-friendly paints to your final design today.

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