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Festive Looks for Your Holiday Table

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start planning all of those meals that are such a wonderful chance to bring family and friends together. The menus may be filled with family classics or they could be a chance to experiment, but no matter what you serve, don’t forget to dress up the dining table. Fabrics, colors, and accessories offer a variety of ways to incorporate coastal holiday charm into any of the homes in Atlantic Beach FL.

Earthy coral colors, paired with touches of gold are a beautiful way to decorate your Thanksgiving table. A canvas tablecloth creates a rustic background that contrasts beautifully with fine linen napkins accented with rich coral tones. Plates or serving dishes in a complementary coral color, and wine glasses and candle holders with gold accents create a warm and inviting table setting.

Alternatively, you could take a look at the other side of the color wheel and create an elegant nautical tablescape drawing on the deep blue of the ocean. Plates with a dark navy blue edge or a series of plates in progressive shades of blue would sit beautifully atop map-themed placemats. Shell-encrusted napkin rings, or small anchor-shaped charms tied around the napkin with a nice piece of twine are elegant coastal touches. Finish the table off with silver trays holding thick candles of varying heights and use rope baskets to hold bread, rolls or similar items.

A table set in shades of cream and white calls to mind snowy winter landscapes. However, this look can be incorporated into homes in Atlantic Beach FL by using coastal-themed decorations and centerpieces. Beautiful, white, koi-shaped candelabras or tureens complemented by off-white flowers in tall, white vases bring to mind the white sandy Florida beaches instead of snow-topped mountains.

Even if you want to avoid too thematic a look for your table, the simple addition of floating flowers and candles adds an elegant coastal touch to any holiday table. By incorporating a few simple pieces, be they gold-colored starfish or nautical-themed napkins, it’s easy to make the beautiful Atlantic coast a part of your holiday celebrations.

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