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Front Doors with a Coastal Design Flair

Custom Homes in Jacksonville FLA lot of thought goes into building custom homes in Jacksonville FL, from the choice of flooring to the color of your front door. When it comes time to choose the design of your coastal home’s new front door, Glenn Layton Homes offers an array of styles, materials, and colors from which to choose. The end result is a front door that is both welcoming and in tune with your overall home.

Coastal homes make the most of the abundance of sunshine, using plenty of windows throughout the home to bring in light. To keep your entranceway bright and sunny, there are a number of ways to use windows, both in the door and surrounding the door. Some homeowners like the look of a solid wood door and may choose light-colored woods to complement their coastal home’s setting. To bring more light into the entrance, panes of glass can be used along both sides of the door and even along the top of the door. This creates a lighter, more airy effect that balances the solid door.

Alternatively, some homeowners prefer windows within the door. Some choose a series of panes across the top of an other wise solid door or one larger square pane of glass in the top portion of the door. For even more light into your entranceway and for an airy, casual vibe, the bulk of the door can be made of up glass in multiple panes or a large, singular pane. These doors can also be paired with transom and side panel windows, as well.

Many custom homes in Jacksonville FL make a big impression with their entrance by having two front doors. Depending on the size of your entryway and home, two doors may create a better sense of balance for your home’s entrance. Whether solid or a mix of solid and glass, side-by-side doors make a big impression and, when flung wide open, they can capture fantastic coastal breezes.

Of course one of the biggest ways to make an impact with your front door is through the use of color. Bold colors, whether vivid reds or sky blues, draw the eye in and give your home outstanding curb appeal. Coastal homes are sympathetic to bright and bold color statements, so don’t be afraid to make a statement. Sandy-toned homes stand out with a cobalt-blue front door, or if you’re drawn to a soft peach exterior for your home, a rich, chocolate-brown wood front door adds a cozy sophistication.

Glenn Layton Homes offers a wide array of exterior options for your custom home. As you work with their design experts and see some of their existing homes, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to give your coastal home its own flair.

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