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Give Your Coastal Home a Key West Feel

The Florida coast is full of natural beauty and charm and the Glenn Layton homes in Mandarin FL make the most of the environment. Yet, there’s something about Key West that is unique and irresistible. Key West is its own state of mind. Fortunately, it’s easy to marry the essence of Key West with your home and create a union of coastal perfection.

Bold colors and tropical motifs are an obvious — and fun — choice for bringing Key West into your home. To keep it from looking over the top, though, neutral colors on large pieces of furniture and white or cream walls serve as a backdrop for large, vivid works of art and vibrant prints on throw pillows and other soft furnishings. Alternatively, use the walls for your colorful statement, with sunshine yellows or seaside blues. The key is to find a balance between the neutrals and the bold colors, but don’t be afraid to mix up strong complementary colors for a fun, personal expression of Key West attitude. You can also bring in decorations, such as white marlin wall sculptures or coral-inspired table bases to further emphasize the Key West theme.

Alternatively, you could focus more on the natural elements and colors that are also a part of the island. Draw inspiration from the colors of the sand, seashells, and grasses. A color palette of creams and taupes, such as some of the colors you’ll find in a conch shell, create a relaxing atmosphere. Add in some varying textures such as bamboo window shades and rattan mirror frames or side tables, to create more visual interest and then add in the shades of blue, pink or coral that you often find in the pearlescent interior of the conch.

Key West conjures up images of sunshine and good times. For some, it also brings to mind the era of sophisticated style with an edge, back when Hemingway was calling Key West home. The bedroom is a great place to create a pairing of a dark, solid bed frame with gauzy netting surrounding the bed. Bring in brass lamps, old photos of Key West, and statement palm plants for a feeling of classic adventure and culture.

To add an element of Key West to the homes in Mandarin FL, simply think about what Key West means to you. Whether it’s the colors, history, or natural beauty, plan your design based on what speaks to you most.

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