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Glenn Layton Homes Named Best of the Best

Best of the Best Television, which investigates and digs deep to find the best of the best businesses, has named Glenn Layton Homes the Best of the Best. Glenn Layton Homes is a custom home builder in Jacksonville Beach FL, and they have been recognized nationally, once again, for their top quality construction, design, and service.

Best of the Best Television is hosted and lead by Rich Noonan, an eight-time Emmy Award winning news anchor and journalist. He is well-known and respected for his honest approach to presenting the news with integrity. He and his team dig deep to find out the real quality and success of companies so that consumers can feel confident in their choices. Unlike many ranking and rating services that are paid up front, Best of the Best never tells companies they are investigating them. They want to discover the true service and products that regular customers would receive, ensuring an honest, credible outcome. When Best of the Best recognizes a business, you know the company is truly the best of the best.

To start, Best of the Best looked at all of the information they could find about Glenn Layton online, on both the company’s own website, as well as external sources. What they saw impressed them and encouraged them to dig deeper and they loved what they discovered.

Glenn Layton Homes is the quintessential all-American business success story led by Glenn Layton, a leading figure in custom home design in this part of Florida. Glenn Layton has been building innovative homes for more than 30 years, but one of the elements that stood out the most is his ability to put together one of the most highly skilled teams you’ll find anywhere, comprised of nothing but true home-building and customer-service experts. This top-notch team stands behind all of the work they do, putting their faces and names out there for everyone to see.

With a top-quality team, it’s no surprise that Glenn Layton Homes was chosen to build an HGTV Smart Home, showing the broad extent of their home design and building skills. This innovative home is a true representation of just what they can do for any client. The result is the kind of coastal lifestyle home that people dream about and never want to leave.

In fact, it is exactly that customer satisfaction with this custom home builder in Jacksonville Beach FL that makes the company truly stand out. Glenn Layton pays an outside firm to survey their clients. Customer satisfaction is so important that it is worth paying an independent business to truly discover what clients think of their Glenn Layton homes. The results of those surveys demonstrate the high level of satisfaction. They have received rave reviews on their professionalism from the start of the project through to the very end, including workmanship, attention to detail, creative ideas, communication, and project management.

It’s no surprise then that Glenn Layton Homes has been recognized with a variety of awards and rankings, and one of the factors that helped Best of the Best choose to award Glenn Layton with their national recognition is the company’s generosity of spirit and the many ways they give back to their community.

With all that Glenn Layton does to serve their community and their clients, it’s clear they are doing things the only way they should be done: the right way.

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One of Glenn Layton Homes’ proudest moments was opening the doors to the HGTV Smart Home 2013! Join us as we take a look back on the most memorable spaces inside this coastal dream home.


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