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When looking for a home builder Jacksonville FL is where you’ll find one of the most innovative companies in North Florida. Glenn Layton Homes is a leading builder in offering the casual coastal lifestyle with all of the latest in design and technology advancements. In the September issue of Realty-Builder magazine, this outstanding approach to home design and building by Glenn Layton Homes is explored in their cover feature.

The article, titled Lights, Cameras, App-tion!, features Glenn Layton explaining how technology is putting home automation in the palm of the homebuyer’s hand. As modern technology is more easily integrated into home design, more and more builders are offering this option to their clients. Of course, as the article points out, Glenn Layton Homes is the go-to builder for smart homes, in large part due to being chosen by HGTV to build their Smart Home in 2013. That project, which combined modern automation and the latest in energy efficiency, raised the profile on smart home technology, increasing the demand. 

While some home buyers still prefer a more analog approach, with only a few smart home features such as lighting, temperature, and security locks, an increasing number of buyers want the fully automated home option that includes features such as water heating, window shades, audio/video setups, security cameras, and scene lighting. Just about anything can be automated today, with control via smart phones and tablets.

Even in the four years since Glenn Layton Homes built the HGTV Smart Home, technology and affordability have changed dramatically. There is less wiring and fewer built-in controls, as apps now handle just about everything, and the overall price has lowered significantly. As Glenn Layton explains in the article, the HGTV home cost $120,000 just for the smart technology. Now they can do the whole thing more efficiently and with better equipment for around $15,000.

In today’s market, automation at some level is expected and Glenn Layton Homes now includes a base package that guarantees full wifi coverage throughout the home. As the technology continues to improve and advance, more is surely likely to become standard in homes.

For those looking for a smart home builder Jacksonville FL has become a focal point, thanks to the innovative work of Glenn Layton Homes. They have become synonymous with smart home building and their clients know they are working with a team that truly understands the possibilities that come from combining the latest in technology with the best in home building.


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One of Glenn Layton Homes’ proudest moments was opening the doors to the HGTV Smart Home 2013! Join us as we take a look back on the most memorable spaces inside this coastal dream home.


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