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GLH’s Open-Book Process

People often love the idea of having a home built just for them, but the stress that goes along with it often stops people from making that choice. In particular, there’s the fear that there will be too many unexpected costs. Sadly, many builders aren’t transparent with their clients, adding to this concern. However, Glenn Layton Homes, a leading home builder in Jacksonville Beach FL, has an open-book process so there are no unpleasant surprises along the way. They are one of the few builders to be this transparent and it is why their clients are so satisfied with their homes and the entire process.

After all, being transparent in the homebuilding process creates trust for everyone involved, particularly the homebuyers. With no hidden surprises, particularly in costs, everyone has a better understanding of the entire process. Furthermore, transparency gives both parties a neutral playing field as it relates to selections, options and change orders.

Glenn Layton Homes is an open-book builder who is happy to show clients bids and invoices from subcontractors, as well as the costs and profit margins Glenn Layton includes in the final sales price. As professionals, they are not ashamed of the fees needed to be charged to keep the business running. At the same time, clients feel more secure, knowing they’re not being taken for a ride. This builds a deep sense of trust and respect.

Obviously, things do happen during the building of a home and prices can alter. This is why Glenn Layton Homes sets up a builder margin that allows both parties to anticipate costs, while making specific decisions on the things that are needed and those that are wanted. Budgeting for contingencies and creating price protections are important aspects of custom homebuilding that benefit both builder and client. Too often, without this kind of openness in advance, budgets can skyrocket and a dream home becomes a financial nightmare.

Of course, Glenn Layton Homes is equally open with their construction schedule and plans. This means less risk of being promised a home at a certain point and being left homeless when plans are delayed. Home buyers know that the builders need to make a profit, so when the builder explains the various costs, sets margins, and makes all of the transactions open and up front, there is a greater sense of trust. After all, clients are investing in a home built to their wants and needs, making it even more important to create a positive experience throughout the whole process. No one wants to move into a brand new home and question if the money was spent wisely. By working with Glenn Layton Homes, you know you’ve chosen the best and most transparent home builder in Jacksonville Beach FL and you can feel confident that you have the best house at the fairest price.

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