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Hot HGTV Home Design Shows

Home design is a growing topic of interest for many people from all walks of life.  Some people have a fully designed home they made themselves and have the plans tucked away in a drawer, while others have a few ideas in their minds that they will incorporate into their home at a later date.  Everyone, no matter what level of involvement, is attracted to home design shows for ideas and inspiration.  Here are some of the hot design shows on HGTV that everyone is getting inspiration from.

DESIGN STAR.  The dream of hosting a design show is within reach of the contestants of Design Star.  This interior design competition show hosts a large cast of interior designers who must compete with each other to overcome a weekly design challenge.  Each challenge is different as the contestants need to design a room with a purpose, such as a living room or a bed room, while incorporating unconventional objects into the design, such as items from a pet store or a .99 cent store and a small budget.  Each week one contestant is eliminated from the competition until there is one last contestant standing who then receives a show of their own on HGTV.

OUTDOOR ROOM.  A home doesn’t end at four walls and a door and The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie proves that again and again in new and exciting ways in each episode.  The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie focuses on designing outdoor living spaces in homes all over the country.  Jamie Durie has been in the outdoor design industry for years and his designs are highly sought after due to his demand for perfection and stunning creations.  The outdoor rooms he creates are amazing and unique as they focus on an area of the home that tends to get little attention in modern home design.

HGTV SMART HOME.  One show that brings attention to the outside area of the home is the 2013 HGTV Smart Home that Glenn Layton Homes built with HGTV in Jacksonville, FL.  Glenn Layton Homes was a perfect fit to build the HGTV Smart Home as Glenn Layton Homes has extensive experience building custom homes in Jacksonville, FL and the HGTV Smart Home had a lot of custom features.  The outside and inside blend seamlessly together as floor to ceiling windows and huge sliding doors are all that stand between the living room, master bedroom, and dining room and the deck outside.  The main deck is joined by a sun deck and a pool to bring in the full costal Floridian lifestyle to the HGTV Smart Home.  The pool is one of the many features controlled by the HGTV Smart Home touch screen tablets which are connected to the house wireless network and can also control temperature, lighting, view all of the security cameras and more.  The HGTV Smart Home is a tantalizing look into the future of home design.

These shows are just a few of the shows that get people thinking about home design, while there are many more on HGTV.  These shows are a great way to see what home design looks like now, but more importantly what it will look like in the very near future.  Get your ideas for your new house and start sketching out some designs today.

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One of Glenn Layton Homes’ proudest moments was opening the doors to the HGTV Smart Home 2013! Join us as we take a look back on the most memorable spaces inside this coastal dream home.


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