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How Glenn Layton Homes Reduce Your Energy Costs

It’s summertime in Florida, which means plenty of opportunities to take advantage of trips to the beach, pool parties, water sports, and the many other reasons people choose to make Florida their home. However, summer in Florida also means high temperatures and often more energy use, which can lead to higher costs. Fortunately, if you’re looking for a new home builder Jacksonville FL is where you’ll find Glenn Layton Homes, a company that truly understands how to build energy-saving homes.

Glenn Layton Homes builds houses that make the most of the latest technology, yet they also understand the benefits of old-school design and how they can make your home more comfortable and cost efficient. For example, the orientation of your house is important so that you get good light throughout the day without it turning parts of your home into an oven. Additionally, the orientation matters when it comes to creating cross ventilation. By having doors and windows aligned to pull those coastal breezes throughout your home, you can rely on nature to provide comfort from the high temperatures. Add in overhangs and shaded porches and you’ve got a home where you can enjoy indoor/outdoor living longer, without having to rely solely on A/C.

In addition to the orientation, it is important to choose window and door manufacturers who use glass that eliminates harmful UV rays and heat to avoid the creation of hot spots in the house. These hot spots cause the A/C to run longer. During the winter months, the sun can be used for solar tampering.

Speaking of A/C, Glenn Layton Homes installs HVAC technology that creates more consistent room temperatures. With programmable thermostats and multiple zones, it is possible to provide air or heat to specific areas where there is demand, but only when needed. The system can be programmed to maintain a certain base temperature and then cool or heat at a specified time before you get home so you walk into comfort. Additionally, if there are rooms, such as guest rooms or rooms of children away at college or summer camp, the temperatures in those individual rooms can be adjusted to conserve energy when the room isn’t in use.

When choosing Glenn Layton Homes, you get a builder who understands how best to construct and insulate a home to the highest level. Sealing the exterior of the building is equally important as insulating the interior to improve energy efficiency.

Of course, there are plenty of other choices you can make to further reduce energy use in your home. Choose tankless gas water heating, so that you’re not boiling water in a tank all day. Similarly, look for lighting packages that provide energy efficient lighting that also helps reduce the amount of heat given off by the bulbs. Finally, don’t forget those all-important energy efficient appliances throughout the home.

If you’re searching for an energy efficient home builder Jacksonville FL is where you’ll find Glenn Layton Homes, the builders of the 2013 Smart Home for HGTV. Since then, they have continued to explore the energy saving options available both in new technology and old-fashioned design understanding. You’ll benefit from a home that is cost-efficient and a true coastal dream.

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One of Glenn Layton Homes’ proudest moments was opening the doors to the HGTV Smart Home 2013! Join us as we take a look back on the most memorable spaces inside this coastal dream home.


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