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How to Build a Coastal Lifestyle Inspired New Home

Living near the beach in Jacksonville, FL, is one of the best ways to live with the sand, the sun, and the shore just inches away from your door.  When you are living next to the coast you are living the coastal lifestyle and your home should reflect that aspect of your life to take full advantage of your situation.  When you are designing your new home in Jacksonville, think of these features to center your coastal lifestyle around.

The first key aspect of a coastal lifestyle is living both indoors and outdoors.  You will be taking full advantage of the great weather and location by having amenities outside as well as inside.  Think of patios, pool, outdoor kitchens and grills, you’ve got the weather so enjoy it.  You don’t want too much sun all the time so plan for large shade structures.  Plan on putting in cascading glass doors that open your house up to create a large living room both indoors and outdoors that spills onto a covered porch or balcony.

The coastal lifestyle includes entertaining guests so make sure you have the right place to throw a party.  Make sure your kitchen is large enough to function with a lot of people working in it at the same time.  Account for enough living space for all of your guests to relax without feeling crushed together.  Porches and patios are great for adding extra entertainment space.  Also, make sure that your interior spaces are well designed and are efficient in their use of space.  The flow through your home should be as free and easy as your coastal lifestyle.

Your house should stand out from a regular house by having unique coastal design elements and styles.  A great example of coastal design and style are 2nd and 3rd story towers to capture light and the view.  Shake siding and crushed coquina walls bring out the coastal style in ways other siding cannot.  In addition, standing seam metal roofs add both character and longevity to your home.  Large covered porches are the best way to bring inside living outdoors to enjoy the Floridian weather.

Finally, your coastal lifestyle would not be complete without your ongoing vacation living.  You live close to the ocean, so make full use of that fact and indulge in your vacation activities every day.  Put in an outdoor shower to wash off salt and sand before coming inside.  Make sure you have large enough storage for your equipment and that your storage is convenient to use.  Make the most of your easy access to the beach and live your coastal lifestyle to the fullest … everyday.

There is a lot of thought and special requests that go into making a coastal lifestyle home, but Glenn Layton Homes is always up to the task.  Glenn Layton Homes specializes in building custom made new homes so any coastal lifestyle floor plan you want can be accommodated and built.  Your coastal lifestyle is calling, so answer back by starting your new home today.  Glenn Layton Homes is “Building your Coastal Lifestyle.”  Contact Glenn Layton Homes today!

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