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How to Choose the Right Floor Plan for Your Lifestyle

Buying a home is a large investment so before you select a floor plan make sure the plan fits your lifestyle.  The layout of a house is very crucial; think about your current and future needs. Some home builders only build from a small selection of floor plans and allow no or minimal structural changes. If you want your house to work for your lifestyle then you need to find a home builder who can design and build a custom floor plan.  Glenn Layton Homes excels at designing and building coastal style custom homes in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. The first step to building your new home in Jacksonville, FL, is figuring out what you need for your lifestyle.  Here are some ideas to help you with ideas for different lifestyles.

Many people buy homes because they have a growing family or plan to start a family. The family lifestyle might be slightly different from family to family, but the basic needs are always the same.  First, you need a lot of space.  Families need a lot of space to grow so make sure your floor plan has extra bedrooms and large common areas.  Your family kitchen should be large and able to allow multiple people to cook at the same time.  The dining room and living room should be large enough for everyone to sit down comfortably.  Large, open areas, such as a connected living room, dining room, and kitchen, is useful to keep an eye on your children playing from almost anywhere in the house.  It is also important to have bedrooms far away from social spaces so your children will have a space to sleep and study without being distracted by noise from the television or guests late at night.

There are many activities that can fit into an active lifestyle, but the requirements remain the same.  You will want a lot of space with easy access to the outside if you live an active lifestyle so you can move large items in and out without a lot of trouble.  If you are an outdoor enthusiast then you will want a space to store you equipment, such as surf boards, kayaks, tents, and bikes.  If you have hobbies, then you will want a room with a lot of space that allows you to work on your projects.

If you have a very social lifestyle then you will need a floor plan that can easily accommodate a large number of guests.  You will want to make sure your kitchen can handle a lot of people working in it at once and make sure you can easily get the food to the dining room with ease.  You will want to take advantage of the Floridian weather and have a balcony or covered patio included in your floor plan so you can throw a large soiree.  You should also include a summer kitchen, bar or game rooms to make sure your guests are entertained without feeling cramped and crowded.

With these helpful hints you will be able to design a floor plan that will fit your lifestyle.  It is possible that you have a combination of lifestyles, so combine the needs for your different lifestyles into one floor plan. Glenn Layton Homes will be able to customize a floor plan to fit your lifestyle, whatever it may be.  Figure out your lifestyle needs and start planning your new home today.

Glenn Layton Homes is “Building your Coastal Lifestyle” throughout Jacksonville, Florida.  Our coastal style custom homes include indoor and outdoor living, entertaining family and friends in well-designed rooms, incorporating unique style and design into your home, efficient planning to live more with less.  You don’t need to “travel” away from home to live your dream.

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