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How to Decorate with Turquoise in Your Coastal Home

How to Decorate with TurquoiseFrom clear skies to calming waters, turquoise is the quintessential color of coastal living. The cool, tranquil nature of the color creates a sense of relaxation and happiness. It’s no surprise that many coastal homes incorporate this soothing color into their color palettes. If you want to use this unique color, here are a few tips on how to decorate with turquoise in your coastal home.

Tropical-inspired homes aren’t often afraid of color, even for the home’s exterior. However, if you’re not ready to paint your entire home turquoise, there are plenty of ways to use this cheerful color on the outside of your home. Glenn Layton homes often use natural earth and sand tones for the main exterior, paired with a turquoise front door for that eye-catching appeal. In addition, you can paint the ceiling of your porch in a light shade of turquoise to mimic the sky overhead. You may also want to consider adding turquoise lanterns to your home’s exterior or adding a pop of color with turquoise tables and chairs for your patio area.

Inside the home, there’s no shortage of ways to make the most of turquoise. You can always create a turquoise accent wall in a room, balanced by more neutral tones on the rest of the walls and room furnishings. Everything from light sand to charcoal grey pairs beautifully with the many shades of turquoise.

The addition of a turquoise rug to any room will bring to mind the lapping of waves at the beach or the sparkle of a swimming pool. A turquoise and white chevron pattern is a great choice for a living room or dining room.

In the kitchen, a turquoise kitchen island is a great statement piece. If you prefer a more subtle use of the color, choose plates, cups, mugs, and other kitchen utensils and appliances in your favorite shade of turquoise.

Even if turquoise isn’t part of your primary color palette, it pairs beautifully with so many colors. That means you can add a few decorative turquoise glass vases, stacking bowls, woven baskets, or any other accent piece to just about any room.

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