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How to Select a Home Builder in Jacksonville FL

Buying a house is a big decision and the process is filled with crucial questions ranging from “Where do we want to live?” to, “What type of lifestyle do we want?”  The first question you must address is who is going to build your new home.  Finding the right home builder might seem like a daunting task as there are many home builders in Jacksonville, FL, but the field narrows down quickly if you know what you want in a home and in a home builder.

Go into the process with a list of “must haves” in the house you are looking to build.  Think about:

  • How long you are going to be in the house
  • How many people are going to live in your home
  • What kind of house will fit with your lifestyle

If you have a family or are planning for a family then you will need a larger house than a single person.  Set aside time to decide what special needs your house will fulfill, then start searching for a home builder.

The first aspect of your home builder search will be finding a home builder that you can trust.  Find a home builder that has a reputation for being trustworthy and is open to showing you projects they have done in the past.  Ask for references, visit unique projects they have completed, and review any awards they have won for exceptional work.  Once you meet with the home builder, ask all the questions you have so you can fully trust the person and business that will build your new home.

You will also want a home builder that can build the house you want.  Make sure your home builder can accommodate any floor plan layout that you need.  Some home builders will only build from a small handful of floor plans which might not work for your specific needs.  When you are investing this much time and money into a home you should make sure it is the perfect fit for you instead of almost perfect.

Find a home builder that does work you like and enjoy.  You want to make sure you find a home builder that has experience in building the type of house you want.  If you have a plot of land or lot, make sure the home builder you choose has experience building on an  individual lot, and if you are buying a home in a community make sure your home builder knows the building codes and architectural regulations of the community.

One home builder you will want to check out before you finish the search for a home builder is Glenn Layton Homes.  With over 85 years of combined home building experience, Glenn Layton Homes has many references to draw from.  Glenn Layton Homes has experience building homes from a wide selection of floor plans as well as building custom made homes from the ground up in communities as well as on individual lots to make sure you get the home you want where you want it.

Finding a home builder becomes easy once you know what you need and what to look for.  Find the home builder that you can trust and who can build the home you need.  Have a list of questions ready and be sure to start your search today!

Glenn Layton Homes is building custom homes throughout Jacksonville, Florida.  Our coastal style custom homes include indoor and outdoor living, entertaining family and friends in well-designed rooms, incorporating unique style and design into your home, efficient planning to live more with less.  You don’t need to “travel” away from home to live your dream.  Glenn Layton Homes is “Building your Coastal Lifestyle.”  Contact Glenn Layton Homes today!

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