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How to Turn Your Home Into a Staycation Resort

Homes in Jacksonville Beach FLWho says you have to leave your home to relax?  When you start designing your new home, think about turning into a Staycation Resort.  There are a few easy features that quickly turn your normal house plans into a luxurious location for a staycation.  When your house is a treat to be at, you can turn every weekend into a mini vacation and long weekends easily become preplanned staycations.  When you are in the design stage for your home, you will want to focus a few simple aspects that will make your home feel more and more like a calming resort.

Look to the outside and remember that your house is more than just four walls and a door.  Take advantage of the great weather by putting in social outdoor features in your home.  A great way to start is to focus on eating outside.  An easy and entertaining way to eat outside of your home is also the simplest, with a fire pit and some seats.  A warm fire is a great way to entertain guests and a wood fired grill provides an eating experience that cannot be matched.  You can get a full blown outdoor kitchen to go along with your fire pit with either a wood or gas heated grill and oven.  Also, set up an outdoor dining area with comfortable seating and a dining table for an al fresco feel or just chair side tables for a more casual experience.

The outdoors should also have a lot of placed to sit back and relax.  Remember to put some trees close together for a hammock and shade for a real resort feel.  Focus on your deck, porch, or balcony with enough shade to keep the heat off but enough sun to relax.  Plan on making your deck large enough for you and you friends to relax in comfort.  You should also pay special attention to your landscaping and make it a work of art.  You can work in a water feature, such as a fountain or a small pond, with ease in the planning stages of your new home.  Be sure to select plants that are easy to maintain around your home so you will have something gorgeous and new to look at without having to spend hours on end weeding and pruning.

Make sure you place a calming, soothing bathroom inside your home.  This doesn’t have to be the main bathroom, but it would work well as a second bathroom to collect your thoughts early in the morning or before you go to bed.  Consider placing reading nooks around your home, to offer little retreats from the everyday routines.  You can also bring the outside and inside of your home together by adding large sliding doors in your living room and adding furniture to your deck or porch outside. This will effectively make a large living room that seamlessly blends the outside and inside of your home together.

These are just a few ideas to get you started.  Think about what you want in a staycation resort home and add it to your new home plans.  Glenn Layton Homes specializes in making custom made homes in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and can help you plan your staycation resort home now.

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