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How to Use Color to Make Your Home Unique

Based on predictions for the color of the year for 2020, shades of mellow blue will be making a strong, but laid-back influence. Of course, no matter the colors you choose, it’s always great to use some pops of color to make your home unique. When you choose a custom builder in Jacksonville Beach like Glenn Layton Homes, you’re already benefiting from the chance to customize your home and work with amazing architects, builders and designers. They understand coastal living and how to use color to make each home reflect the individual clients.

The shades of blue likely to be showing up in the coming year have a softness to them, without being pastel sweet. These are calm, tranquil blues, like a sky at dawn or dusk, when they’re still a hint of gray to take the edge off. We’re looking at relaxing colors to help you unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle.

Blues in their many hues are a great choice for coastal homes. With their automatic relationship to the sky and sea, they’re easy to introduce, no matter your specific color preference. Go with what speaks to you, not just what is on trend. For example, when you look at the properties Glenn Layton Homes builds, you’ll find a wealth of blue, from robin-egg blue on the ceiling of a front porch to deep navy blue tiles in the kitchen backsplash. For something a little different, consider a blue staircase railing or a fun shade of blue on the wall behind built-in bookshelves.

Of course, you don’t have to go with blue. Add some welcoming warmth to your front door with a vibrant coral front door. Go with a rich aubergine for the baseboards and crown molding or door frames. One of the many joys of coastal homes, especially in Jacksonville Beach, is the freedom to have fun with color. Coastal nature — blue, seagrass green, pearlescent pinks, vibrant corals, the softness of driftwood, the glorious colors of tropical fish — all serve as excellent inspiration for your home.

If you’re ready to have fun with color, check out the existing homes that Glenn Layton, the leading custom builder in Jacksonville Beach, has already built. You’ll see that a base of earthy neutrals are enhanced with pops of coastal colors. Whether it’s a peachy coral exterior balanced with rich wood shutters and doors to a summer sunshine yellow kitchen flooded with natural light, there are so many ways to add color to make your home unique, without feeling overwhelmed. With the talented builders, designers and vendors that Glenn Layton works with, combined with your own vision, you’ll have a house that is as colorful and special as you are.

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