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How to Infuse Your Home With Island Style

Atlantic Beach is a dream location full of Florida’s stunning white-sand beaches, lush greenery and relaxed coastal charm. It’s no surprise that many people choose to decorate their homes in Atlantic Beach FL with some island style and flair. Florida may not be an actual island, but it evokes a laid back island lifestyle, and Glenn Layton homes are designed to make you feel like you’re living in your own coastal paradise.

One simple way to bring some island style into your home is by using nature as your inspiration. Look at the coastal colors – white, sand, blue, green, coral – and incorporate them into your home. Of course, you can also take direction from nature by including shells, decorative grasses, and other island-themed items to bring the outdoors in. One island aspect that people don’t always focus on is clean simplicity. An open horizon, long stretches of beaches, a few simple colors. Let the coast’s simplicity guide your design.

Glenn Layton designs all of their homes to make the most of coastal living. That means that their homes smoothly integrate indoor and outdoor living. Island living typically involves spending much of the day and night outdoors, enjoying the sunshine, scenery, and cool breezes coming off the water. Make the most of your outdoor living spaces, giving them as much attention and decoration as you would indoors. With many of the Glenn Layton floor plans, you can seamlessly continue your indoor living space into your outdoor living space so it all becomes one big living area.

Since the indoors and outdoors are easy to combine, tie the spaces together with furnishings in similar materials or colors. Rattan is always a popular island-style choice, with its light, airy nature. Bamboo is another popular choice. Both offer easy elegance and are ideal for entertaining. You can stick with the natural coloring or go bolder and use an ebony color. Dark pieces of furniture set amid a light, breezy room add a sense of stability and can help anchor a large, open room.

Homes in Atlantic Beach FL that are decorated with an island flair should put the finishing touches by bringing in some local flavor. Scenic paintings by local artists, old maps of the area, or displays of shells picked up on local beaches are a great way to add some individuality and personal touches to a coastal home. Find the local elements that speak to your own appreciation of the area and incorporate them into your own special island design.

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