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How to Keep Sand at the Beach and Out of Your Ponte Vedra Home

A day at the beach, with shimmering white sands, blue skies and calming waters is one of the many perks of owning one of the Ponte Vedra homes built by Glenn Layton at Oasis Club. The proximity means you can go back and forth all day, stocking up on cold drinks and snacks, or taking a break during the height of the sun. But all of that back and forth means that your home will start to feel like a sand pit with all that gets tracked inside. To avoid the frustration of finding sand everywhere, here are a few smart tips to keep it under control.

Obviously, if you’ve got a hose handy — or better yet, an outdoor shower — you can easily rinse off any accumulated sand. However, if you don’t have a hose or shower at hand, especially when dealing with multiple entrances, keep a wooden bath mat and large, full watering can near the doors to provide a handy foot shower.

Ideally, you should limit everyone to one entrance of the home when they’re coming back from the beach. If you do have one of the outdoor showers that many Ponte Vedra homes have, then use the door closest to that. If you don’t have a shower, create a rack next to the entrance that can be used specifically to hose down and hang up any beach gear, which also accumulates sand.

Similarly, for toys and other small waterproof items, put them all in a mesh bag for easy rinsing and air drying. This makes getting sand off all those small buckets and shovels a little less time consuming.

If your dog is allowed on the beach, don’t forget to keep them in mind. While you’re at the beach, you should keep a bottle of water specifically for rinsing off any accumulated sand on their faces and paws so they don’t accidentally rub the sand into their eyes. You can also pour the water onto a thin microfiber towel to help wipe off the sand. That works for both you and your dog!

If you’re going to be at a beach that isn’t within walking distance, you can help get some of the sand off — and out of your car and home — by sprinkling baby powder on your feet and anywhere else that’s sandy. It helps make the sand easier to brush off. You may also want to keep a large, soft painter’s brush with you to help further brush off excess sand.

Sand has a way of getting everywhere, but with a bit of planning, you can try to get rid of most of it before it finds its way into your beautiful home. If you get really desperate, you can always consider purchasing a robot vacuum to handle the dirty work for you.

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