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Nautical and Beach Themes for Home Exteriors

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The new homes in Jacksonville FL, particularly those built by Glenn Layton Homes, are available in a wide variety of styles, from cozy cottages to sprawling dream homes. What the Glenn Layton homes have in common is an appreciation for their surroundings and the coastal lifestyle. Lots of windows, porches, verandas and classic Florida style already give the home exteriors a coastal look. With some thoughtfully chosen paint colors and decorative elements, you can bring even more nautical or beach charm to your home.

The colors you choose for your home’s exterior play an important part in creating a beachy, coastal vibe. Draw from the colors of nature to help your home fit in perfectly amid the sandy beaches and blue skies. Use a warm, sand-inspired color for the majority of your home, but to make it pop, use a deep blue or tropical aqua blue on your front door. If you’ve got a covered porch, use the aqua blue on the ceiling of the porch. This is both attractive and full of tradition, as the blue mimics the blue of the sky and is a popular choice in many coastal communities. You may also want to add in blue elements, such as tile, on the risers of the steps leading up to your front door.

If you want to be a bit bolder in your décor theme, there are decorative elements that can be added to the exterior. Add a wind vane to the top of your home in the shape of a boat or sea creature, or hang a captain’s wheel or a lifesaver next to your front door for a nautical touch.

If you’re looking more for a beach style, add a few decorative sand dollars or starfish to a wall on your home’s exterior. Paint them a shade darker or lighter than the wall for a subtle decorative element that is elegant rather than kitschy.

If you’re not sure about decorations, you can still create a beautiful tropical atmosphere with plants and landscaping. New homes in Jacksonville FL always look good with at least one palm tree variation in the yard. There are also plenty of other native plants and trees that not only help create a lush, tropical look, but they can also stand up to the warm Florida weather and require less maintenance.

As well as the landscaping, you can create privacy and curb appeal by using potted plants on your front porch. A few big potted plants, paired with some smaller, brightly colored potted flower arrangements, add a tropical feel to any porch or patio.

The key to creating your own nautical or beach theme is to draw inspiration from the colors, materials, shapes and creatures around you. Take a look at some of Glenn Layton’s homes and see how they’ve built homes that settle perfectly into their coastal environment.

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