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Neighborhood Profile: Home for sale in Jacksonville Beach neighborhood

It’s finally time to buy a home on the beach, either for retirement, living the coastal lifestyle, or buying a summer home.  Buying a new home means you’re moving into a new neighborhood which can bring on a lot of questions.  You might want to know what the ‘flavor’ of neighborhood you’re moving into is, such as what other homes are already built there, what’s the design of the other buildings, and what type of lifestyle your new neighbors will be living.  Right now there is a new home for sale in Jacksonville Beach in Paradise Key South Beach and here is a detailed profile on the Paradise Key South Beach neighborhood.

Paradise Key South Beach in Jacksonville Beach is built for people who are living the coastal lifestyle.  The coastal lifestyle incorporates a lot of different aspects into one lifestyle.  The neighborhood is only a few short minutes away from the beach, meaning a lot of coastal breezes and warm weather.  One key aspect of the coastal lifestyle is realizing that your home doesn’t end at four walls.  There are many features to expand rooms inside of your home into the outside.  You will see a lot of large porches and floor to ceiling sliding doors that easily expand a living room into the outside world.  Patios, decks, and pools are a very common sight.  Large over hangs and shade structures are another common sight to keep the sun off you and your guests as you are outside.

Most homes are constructed with the same materials, but constructed with a wide variety of custom home designs.  The homes all have metal roofs with large overhangs to keep the sun and heat out of the windows.  Towers with observation rooms are very popular with towers topping off at around 40 feet so you know you’re view will not be obstructed.  Large window openings with high ceilings are a very popular as these features are used to create cross breeze ventilation.

In addition to your homesite, the average price of a new home in Paradise Key South Beach starts around the $500,000 mark.  Homes are custom built from Glenn Layton Homes so you can get the home you want.  There are many ways open for you to begin living in your new home. There is a large selection of home floor plans to choose from.  Floor plans can be altered to fit your needs, or a new custom floor plan can be designed so you get the home you want.  If you don’t want to wait, there is a home ready for you to move into right now.

The new home for sale in Jacksonville Beach is a classic Paradise Key South Beach home.  The home is very spacious both inside and out with covered front and rear porches.  The landscape outside is Florida friendly meaning you won’t have to struggle to keep your plants outside alive.  The home is full of energy efficient features so you won’t break the bank keeping your home comfortable no matter the weather.

Start planning to move into your new home today by calling Glenn Layton homes to investigate your options.  Plan out ideas you want in your new home and start stocking up on sun screen.  Your coastal home awaits you at Paradise Key South Beach.

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