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Tropical Decorating Ideas

New Homes in Ponte Vedra Beach FL

One of the joys of purchasing one of the Ponte Vedra new homes from Glenn Layton is getting to decorate your stunning coastal home. There are plenty of ways to bring tropical influences into your home without resorting to kitsch, creating instead a more dreamy paradise setting.

People who live in coastal areas tend to have a passion for the sea and things associated with the sea. Sailing charts, seashell collections, sea glass collections, artfully carved driftwood, and artwork with a coastal theme. Frame some of your charts, fill large glass vases with seashells, and create groupings of water-themed carvings. By incorporating a few special pieces in each room, you will create a subtle theme that looks elegant rather than over the top.

Still, you are in Florida, where people aren’t afraid of color. Be bold with accent walls in navy blue, sky blue, bright coral, or electric green. These bold colors, especially the bright ones, also work well in smaller areas such as foyers or hallways, with crisp white trim for clean contrast. Even if you don’t want to paint walls in bright colors, use the colors in smaller accessories in neutral rooms. Don’t be afraid to layer colors, such as bright pinks, sparkling blues, and vibrant yellows. They can be mixed and matched in curtains, side tables, paintings, chairs, lamps, and a variety of accessories.

Palm trees swaying in the breeze are tropical staples, so don’t forget to add some palm patterns or even a few palm fronds to your decor. From wallpaper to curtains to throw pillows or a couple of artfully arranged palm fronds in a tall vase, you can be as bold or subtle as you like with this natural symbol of the tropics.

For the finishing touch, be sure to add some texture. Sea grass rugs, wicker chairs, woven baskets, and bamboo bed frames all complement the relaxed, natural atmosphere of a tropical home.

Each of the Ponte Vedra new homes that Glenn Layton Homes builds is designed to make the most of coastal living and the natural environment around the homes. Their home designs blend seamlessly into the landscape and architectural history of the area. With your own tropical additions through color and decoration, you’ll have a home that feels like a tropical oasis.

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