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New Smart Home Tech Features Offered by Glenn Layton

Glenn Layton Homes is a leader in using the latest technology to enhance our new homes in Jackonsville FL. Experience has proven that smart home technology makes homes more functional, comfortable and efficient than they would be without it.

Twice a year our company participates in TechHomeX, a home technology expo held in Orlando and Phoenix. We recently found two new products that we’re really excited about.

iDevices Pro is a high-end, easily adaptable product that allows any homeowner to control their lights, thermostat and more through their smartphone. The company’s innovative and customizable system enables any home to become a smart home with a line of integrated WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled products.

The iDevices Connected app allows homeowners to control their entire home with a touch or their voice. Easy setup makes it a breeze to get started or add new features to the system. An intuitive interface uses an easy-to-navigate app to control every aspect of a home’s technology. It can be customized with names, photos and dynamic scenes. The company offers premium concierge support, so help is always within reach.

iDevices Pro works with a smartphone and almost any platform including Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and IFTTT to control the thermostat, wall switches, dimmer switches and more. No matter where they are, users can access their home’s technology through the app using cloud computing.

Total Recovery Ventilators regulate air pressure inside tightly sealed buildings for the optimum health and comfort of the occupants. The ventilators ensure that a balanced amount of fresh air is brought in to compensate for stale air exhausted to the outdoors. Using the ventilator system keeps moisture levels in balance and reduces the strain on HVAC systems, helping them operate more efficiently.

The ventilators also help to remove unpleasant, stale odors as well as helping to expel indoor air pollutants like radon, VOC’s and formaldehyde. The company makes Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV’s) and Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV’s). These products will be beneficial additions to our new homes.

Get started on your new home with a builder who is at the forefront of the latest smart home technology. Call Glenn Layton Homes today at 904-758-4380 to tour our communities of new homes in Jacksonville FL.

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One of Glenn Layton Homes’ proudest moments was opening the doors to the HGTV Smart Home 2013! Join us as we take a look back on the most memorable spaces inside this coastal dream home.


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