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Outdoor Decorating Trends

When you choose one of the new homes in Jacksonville Beach FL from Glenn Layton Homes, you’re already a step ahead in stylish design. Each home is built with design elements that make them stand out from the crowd while perfectly complementing the beautiful natural surroundings. Still, with all of the beautiful porches, patios and more that make indoor/outdoor living so easy, here are some attractive ways to add some of the latest decorating trends to your outdoor living area.

It may seem obvious, but go green. Choose natural materials for furnishings, include plenty of plants, and have fun with all of the many shades of green. Rattan, wicker, and bamboo are always going to look right at home on your porch and they serve as a perfect neutral for pops of color. Create a natural screen of potted palms or shrubbery for more intimate areas of your porch or choose one larger, bolder plant to make a statement. Don’t forget the impact of one or two glossy palm fronds placed in an elegant vase. Finally, play with the many beautiful shades of green. From darker pine greens, to midrange grass shades, to jewellike blue-green sea glass colors, a combination really adds a sense of style without being overwhelming.

Of course, there’s no reason you have to stick with natural colors. This year’s big color is Pantone’s UltraViolet, which will pop beautifully against the more subtle colors of nature. Use bold colors like this on your seat cushions and rug, and let the natural color of the furniture help balance it. Then use accessories that complement rather than compete with your main bold color, such as silver or the trending brass. If you don’t want to go big with the main cushions and rug, then use your bold color in throw cushions and accessories ranging from serving trays to candle lanterns.

Finally, if you’re the crafty type and have Pinterest boards full of DIY ideas, add your own personal touch to your outdoor decorating. Whether you’re creating your own zen garden or dip-dying ombre terra cotta pots for tabletops, there are a number of ways you can incorporate some of the latest design trends and colors. From no-sew rope coil baskets to hide small coolers to twine-wrapped jars and cans for tea lights, or even home-sewn pillows using palm-frond print fabrics, you can update your existing design or create something new for the season.

New homes in Jacksonville Beach FL inevitably get a lot of use from their outdoor living spaces, so it is important to consider their decoration as much as you would the areas inside your home. If you have inside areas that open out onto a patio area that creates an open flow between the spaces, consider moving some of the same interior design elements outside. From color, to accessories, to furniture styles, every part of your home will have a sense of natural flow and style.

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