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What Are the Paint Color Mistakes to Avoid?

Paint Color mistakes
In theory, paint is the easiest way to decorate a room. In reality, finding the right color and finish, not to mention the actual work, can make it a real challenge. Colors can change even within one room, depending on the time of day and the direction of the light. A color that seems perfect in the paint sample chip may end up too dark or too light when it is up on the walls. Fortunately, if you work with Glenn Layton, you can get professional advice from their design team. However, here are a few of the common mistakes to avoid when choosing paint colors.

Unless you are planning a special paint color for the ceiling, you may not give it much thought. Most people assume a standard flat white will do. However, a plain white can have a fair amount of grey in it that can bring a room down. Consider using a softer cream instead.

Neutral colors are great for any home and decorating style, but even the most white-on-white minimalist style needs some contrast. White-on-white kitchens, for example, are growing in popularity, but they are also a great place to add in a vivid color, whether it’s in the countertops, countertop accessories, or even stools or chairs. Without a contrast of color, it can become boring instead of bold.

Conversely, if you like strong, bold colors or even multiple colors, such as bohemian chic, don’t forget to have a few neutrals to add some balance to the room. White architectural elements or a neutral chair can create a place for the eye to rest and make the other colors stand out more. Without the neutrals, the room can be too combative.

Coastal homes lend themselves to a rainbow of tropical colors, but it is important to avoid using too many colors throughout the home, especially wildly different, contrasting themes in connecting rooms. They can be visually jarring. That doesn’t mean you have to use the same colors throughout your entire home, though. Complementary colors in open and connecting spaces can be made more dramatic with statement pieces in each room.

No matter what paint colors you choose, don’t forget you can always change them. Paint is the easiest way to breathe new life into a room, so whether you feel like being bold and experimental or want soft and romantic, you’re just a few paint cans away from creating your perfect room.

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