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Updating Your Coastal Beach Home Décor

Living the coastal lifestyle means calm, relaxed days and long, entertaining evenings both inside and outside of your home.  The coastal life is based around enjoying your environment, and sometimes you want a change in your environment to keep things exciting.  Updating your coastal living décor in Jacksonville Beach is a simple and easy task that is a breeze to accomplish.  The drive to do an update can come at any time so it’s best to have the knowledge so you can start planning your décor design right away.  Here are a few helpful tips to aide you the next time you need to tweak your surroundings.

Changing your sofas, chairs, and cushions in your living room is a great way to bring a burst of new feeling to your home, but you don’t have to go through the hassle of removing your furniture and replacing it if you just use slip covers.  Simple slip covers will give you the ability to change the color, shade, and design of every piece of furniture which is a great starting spot for your update.  You can set the tone of your update by gently switching to a different shade or drastically change styles by moving to a set of themed patterned slip covers.  The choice is yours and will make a world of difference.

A few splashes of fresh color to match your coastal living in Jacksonville Beach should be enough to alter your home.  Brightening walls that receive a lot of sun will shine light on your home like never before.  Also, placing darker hues in a few, small places, such as bookshelves, will make those features stand out for the first time.  A few touches of paint are enough to update your home, but a few gallons will also make a difference.  Don’t be afraid to repaint your entire home if need be. The coastal lifestyle can handle many different color palettes so you are sure to find one style that works for you.

Go big for your fresh update by expanding your living space.  Larger, wider rooms are a great solution for updating your home.  The most elegant solution is simply de-cluttering your rooms.  Move around furniture, store unused pieces, and switch your room layout so you can move through your rooms with ease.  You could also expand rooms by removing walls and expanding the physical space of each room or combining rooms to make one living space.  Don’t forget the outside of your home.   Putting in a large sliding door to a new patio is a very easy way to expand your rooms without having to sacrifice space in other rooms.  Expanding a room outside is a staple of the coastal lifestyle.

Updating your home can come at any time, so be ready.  You might need an update after living in your home for years, or your home might not be built yet.  Glenn Layton Homes has experience in making the custom home you want so they can work around any changes in your home design at any level of the building process.  Be ready for your inspiration update and get ready to redesign today.

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