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What You Need to Know About Building a Custom Home in 2018

Making the decision to go with a Jacksonville FL home builder to create the custom home of your dreams is an exciting choice. You benefit from getting a home that designed for your personal needs and tastes from the very beginning. It is a process that offers a lot of freedom, but it also requires time and patience and an understanding of the changes in the current building market that can have an impact on the final outcome, including the cost.

When choosing to build a custom home, it is important to realize that both labor and materials have fluctuating costs. With a shortage in skilled labor, there has been an increase in costs, as well as the length of time it can take to complete a project. In addition, prices often rise as the result of governing regulatory bodies setting tariffs, taxes, permit fees and more. Of course, this doesn’t change the demand for new construction, which is currently growing. As a result, higher demand leads to higher prices and longer completion timeframes.

As it stands, construction material prices are on the rise with current demand. However, builders like Glenn Layton work closely with both their suppliers and their home buyers to keep communication channels open to learn about increases or delays as soon as possible. While there are some aspects of home building that are variable and out of the builder’s price control, there are areas of construction specifications where Glenn Layton is able to focus on value engineering to mitigate price rises in other categories. Additionally, they work with multiple suppliers and vendors to ensure the best pricing possible.

When you choose a Jacksonville FL home builder like Glenn Layton Homes, you can feel confident that they will work closely with you to avoid unpleasant cost surprises. While prices may fluctuate, Glenn Layton communicates with their customers from the very beginning to explain market conditions and to set realistic cost expectations. Their open communication throughout the process and their own attempts to ensure the best costs without lowering standards are why so many people consistently come away happy with their choice of Glenn Layton Homes as their custom builder.

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