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Architectural Elements for a Modern Farmhouse

If the farmhouse style of home appeals to you, but you want something a little more updated, turn to Glenn Layton Homes, a leading new home builder in Jacksonville FL. We build in a variety of styles, but tend to focus on architectural styles that suit our coastal Florida region. That includes farmhouse styles and we can help you add that modern touch that makes a working home into a dream home.

In truth, today’s farmhouse style bears little direct relation to actual farmhouses. Today’s modern farmhouse is more a collection of certain elements from original buildings mixed with the comfort, convenience and efficiency of today’s modern, smart home.

For example, a porch is a classic element of a farmhouse, but it’s a classic element of a lot of southern homes that use it to make the most of cool breezes as well as the shade the porch provides. It can be a wonderful place to sit and enjoy a drink and chat with family, friends or your new neighbors. They also add a lot of style to the home, depending on the type of porch you choose, from a simple raised covered porch to a wraparound porch with railings.

It’s hard to have missed the trend for tongue-and-groove paneling and shiplap and each goes well in the modern farmhouse. A focus on wood is also a part of today’s home. Wooden ceiling beams, sliding barn doors instead of regular doors, and even the X-shapes of those barn doors show up on cabinetry or the sides of kitchen islands. Simply update them with modern paint colors rather than sticking with the natural wood if you want something different.

Other options to update your farmhouse kitchen is to turn to Shaker cabinetry. The great thing about this style is that it’s surprisingly modern in its clean lines, so it works with a variety of home styles. The boxy profile works well in a variety of kitchens and leaves room for display as well as plenty of cabinets for more functional use. Keep it natural or paint it a great coastal color; it can handle either one easily.

Finally, don’t forget the wide-plank floors. Wood floors are often a given in homes of all sorts of architectural styles, but if you want a modern farmhouse, look for wider planks preferably from heart pine. If possible, see if you can purchase reclaimed floors, even if it’s just enough for one or two rooms. A number of salvage companies save them and sell them on because of the beauty and appeal.

In today’s home decor, mixing and matching styles is becoming consistently more popular. Taking elements of farmhouse architecture, and pairing them with more modern pieces and materials creates a home that is unique and a representation of your personal style. You can choose the elements that speak to you and create your own look. Wide plank floors with fully opening glass doors that look out onto a relaxing pool and deck area are a great blend of farmhouse and coastal, ideal for this part of Florida. To help you capture the right mix, contact Glenn Layton Homes, an experienced new home builder in Jacksonville FL that understands the architectural styles of the region. Together, we can create your ideal modern farmhouse.

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