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Choosing the Right Home Builder for Your Lot

While plenty of people are happy to work with home builders working in planned communities, some people need a home builder who is able and willing to build on a private, individual lot. Fortunately, Glenn Layton Homes has experience with both and is ideal for building homes in St Augustine FL on your own lot.

For someone who hasn’t had a home built on their own lot before, they may not realize the variety of challenges they can face. You want a home builder who has experience, especially when it comes to undeveloped lots that haven’t been built on before. You will need to take topography, utilities, and local zoning laws and regulations into consideration when it comes to building. Your home needs a solid foundation and where you may have originally planned to put the home may not work due to topographical elements, such as streams, marshy land, etc.

A trustworth, solid home builder is one who has experience dealing with raw lots. Besides the topography, you need to consider utilities access. Depending on how far out of any town or city your lot is, you could run into difficulties or steep prices getting power, water, sewage, WiFi, and more. Fortunately, builders like Glenn Layton Homes have the experience and contacts to help get these elements connected. They’ll also look into any zoning laws that may prevent building or building in a certain area of your lot, or the size of the building. These are all things that the average person would have trouble with, but a reputable builder is there to help.

Unless you’ve already had an architect draw up plans, you want to work with a designer/builder. Glenn Layton Homes has an architect who can help bring your vision to life. We offer a wide range of existing plans, but can also customize or create an original home for you. Having the architect and builders in one company helps communication, especially on projects where the topography may play a significant role in the overall design of the home.

Ultimately, you want a builder with experience and a solid reputation and you can see on our own website how many positive reviews we’ve had and the decades of experience our team offers, along with a design team to help with all of those finishing touches. We’re the top custom home builder in Jacksonville Beach FL and throughout the First Coast communities and Northeast Florida. If you’re looking at home builders who can build custom homes in St Augustine FL on your own lot, contact us today to learn more about our transparency, communitication, and focus on creating your dream home on your own lot.

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