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Easy Fixes to Your Kitchen When Selling Your Home

You’ve been looking at the beautiful homes in Ponte Vedra FL that Glenn Layton builds and you’re ready to purchase your own dream coastal home. However, you still need to sell your current home. If your kitchen could use some minor work to make it more appealing to buyers, here are some simple things to do to turn your kitchen back into a reason why people want to buy your home.

If you have a small amount of painted wall space, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint, just to get rid of the inevitable marks and dullness that build up over time. If painting isn’t an option, at least make sure your walls — and especially any tile backsplashes — are clean and don’t have a lot of stains and scuffs. Your kitchen should be spotless and sparkling to make a positive impression.

To continue the cleaning theme, consider emptying things out of everything from cabinets and drawers to the fridge and freezer, and giving your kitchen a serious deep clean from top to bottom. You’ll thank yourself, too, when it comes time to move and you have one less thing to do. People will inevitably open doors and fridges and the cleaner everything is, the better.

Once you’ve emptied stuff out, think carefully about what you put back. Now is also a good time to declutter and get rid of stuff that you don’t plan on taking with you when you move. Also try to keep your countertops as decluttered as possible, storing bulkier appliances, etc., in cabinets. You could also go ahead and pack up some items that you know you won’t be using again before you move, making your cabinets and storage look more spacious to potential buyers, in the process.

If you have seats at a kitchen island, make sure they match, are in good shape, and consider reducing the number if possible to make the space look less cramped. The same goes for any breakfast room nooks that may be a part of your kitchen. Make sure everything is in good shape and not taking up so much space that it’s difficult for potential buyers to maneuver around.

Once everything is clean and decluttered, take a look at your cabinet hardware and light fixtures. Have they seen better days? Are they outdated? Up-to-date handles and light fixtures help make a kitchen look more modern and appealing.

Another way to make a kitchen look more stylish is to use one uniting accent color. Most of your cabinets and counters are probably a neutral shade. However, your accessories, ranging from countertop containers to kitchen towels may be a mix of colors after a number of years. A small investment in matching bowls, towels, pot holders, and a small kitchen floor runner, all in the same color, will help pull the space together and make it look organized and attractive.

With everything clean, organized, decluttered, and unified, your kitchen should look more inviting to potential buyers. Consider following some of the same tips for the rest of your home to get it in great selling condition. It’s a seller’s market right now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in the effort to make your home look inviting to get the most for it. Take a look at our photo galleries to get some inspiration, too. The more desirable your home is, the more potential buyers you’ll have, which could lead to more money to put toward one of the dream coastal homes in Ponte Vedra FL built by Glenn Layton Homes.

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