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Expert Tips for the Perfect Space for Entertaining

Whether you’re looking for a brand new home or just want to improve upon your existing home, Glenn Layton Homes, a custom home builder in Jacksonville FL, is the perfect choice for either project. With years of experience building dream coastal homes, as well as doing top-notch renovations, you can always count on getting the home of your dreams when they’re involved. If you’re looking to improve your entertaining offerings with a space that makes it easy and welcoming, here are some expert tips to use for both the type of room, as well as the finishing touches.

First and foremost, think about how you prefer to entertain. If you like sit-down dinners, even if they’re somewhat informal, it’s best to make sure you include a dining room in your new home or convert or add on a dining room to your existing home. A separate dining room hasn’t been that common in new homes recently, but if that’s your style, it really does give you more options for really creating an outstanding entertainment space. Ideally, consider a dining room that connects to the kitchen with a butler’s pantry for easy last-minute plating, serving, and more. Plus, the butler’s pantry can be used as a convenient bar space for more casual entertaining.

If you prefer a more casual form of entertainment focused on the living room — and inevitably the kitchen — then you want a room that is large enough to create multiple seating areas while still offering an easy flow throughout the room so that groups can mix and mingle easily and always have a spot to sit or at least rest their drink. This is when an open plan can work wonders with a large dine-in kitchen island serving as the break between the kitchen and the living room. People always end up in the kitchen, so why not use the island as a place for setting out snacks and drinks, or better yet, let it be another gathering point and make sure you have a buffet sideboard or another counter that can easily be used to serve food and drinks. Once again, a butler’s pantry can be a great bar area, or you could build a bar of your own in a corner of the living room if you prefer.

Of course with homes in Florida, make sure you make the most of the indoor/outdoor living that is available for much of the year. Rather than setting up the bar indoors, consider setting it up outdoors on a covered patio with comfortable seating and tables that turn the space into an additional living room, letting the flow of guests move even more freely and ensuring plenty of space. It’s certainly ideal if you like to grill at your parties, as you could even set up a dedicated bar/grilling/kitchen area in your patio, ensuring guests never go empty handed!

Always ensure you have plenty of seating and side tables available. Stacking tables are ideal, as they have a small footprint for daily life but can easily be moved about for a party. Make sure your furniture is set up so that people can move freely and conversation can flow easily, as well. If you’re hosting guests indoors and out, you should choose glass doors that can open up to create a large opening so that you don’t even notice any division between indoors and out, further enhancing your entertainment space and creating a truly fantastic atmosphere.

When you choose a custom home builder in Jacksonville FL like Glenn Layton Homes, you know you can get a home design or renovation that will perfectly suit your preferences. Our team listens to you and works to create a home or a renovation that ideally fits your lifestyle, and that includes your entertainment lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more about how we can custom build or renovate to create the ideal place to entertain.

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