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How to Make Your Outdoor Space More Appealing

One of the many benefits of having one of Glenn Layton’s custom homes in Atlantic Beach FL is the opportunity to enjoy your outdoor living space for so much of the year. While others are just now starting to think about preparing their outdoor space, you’ve probably been using yours already. The pool might still be chilly, but those patios and decks are fantastic this time of year. To make them even more appealing and blend the line between indoor and outdoor living, here are some tips to create a fantastic outdoor space.

Hopefully you prepared your outdoor furnishings for the cooler weather when you might not have used it as often. That means you shouldn’t have to do much cleaning other than freshening up cushions and maybe a powerwash or at least a good scrub during/after pollen season. With everything clean and ready for use, it’s time to think about really making the most of the space.

Since the evenings can be cooler, you’re still probably using your fire pit, but as the temperatures warm, think about where you could place your fire pit for the summer season to let you still use it for smores and ambiance, without necessarily having to deal with the heat.

If you’ve recently moved into your home and haven’t had a chance to really decorate the outdoor area, think about recreating your living room. That’s the kind of comfortable and decorative vibe you want for your outdoor space. Forget the typical plastic lawn furniture; think about outdoor furniture that has real style. It doesn’t have to match your living room, but in some cases, people do like to use some color and design elements to join the indoor living room with the outdoor living space to make it feel more cohesive. Look for truly comfortable furnishing and attractive outdoor fabrics that complement your home.

Don’t forget items like outdoor rugs, which truly can pull an outdoor living space together, with a sofa, chairs, and tables grouped to create a comfortable area to sit and spend time with family and friends. If you have both covered and uncovered patio areas, consider the use of attractive and stylish outdoor lighting that allows you to use the space well into the evening. Think more along the lines of decorative hanging lamps, rather than tiki torches. You can create a sense of whimsy with small outdoor fairy lights strung among tree branches or with long strands hung from the rafters of your patio for a soft, warm glow.

You can even include art, with a mix of metalwork sculptures that either sit on the porch or can be hung on the wall. If you want to keep the coastal feel, hang up some oars artfully and use some old ship lanterns as decorative elements.

Of course, if you like to cook, go ahead and create an outdoor kitchen. Small or large, you can do what suits your style, whether it’s simply a tricked out grill or a full-fledged pizza oven. Add in some built-in counters and cabinets and maybe even an under-counter fridge for convenience and you can get even more use from your outdoor living area.

Your home is stylish and elegant and your exterior furnishings should reflect that. They should also be comfortable and convenient enough that you truly want to spend time there. Add in roman or bamboo shades and even ceiling fans for use during the hotter parts of the day so you can still enjoy the space. Many of the Glenn Layton custom homes in Atlantic Beach FL make the most of floor-to-ceiling glass doors that can be left open to make the indoor and outdoor areas flow together into one grand living area. Enjoy the creativity and make the most of every inch of your beautiful home.

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