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Outdoor Shower Ideas

Whether you’re rinsing off from the pool or a day spent at the beach, an outdoor shower is a useful addition to any coastal home. They can be simple shower heads or stylish and elaborate home additions. If you’re considering a custom home builder Jacksonville Beach FL is home to Glenn Layton Homes, a custom home builder who truly understands the coastal lifestyle and can help you find the perfect outdoor shower design.

An outdoor shower is a great place to rinse pool chlorine out of your hair, get rid of that beach sand that gets everywhere, or simply cool off after playing or working in the yard. All you really need is a shower head, but lots of home owners like to add a few other options. When working with a custom home builder, you can make sure that your outdoor shower complements the rest of your home’s exterior.

Many homeowners like to create a bit of privacy by adding a few walls or creating individual enclosed shower stalls. Square or circular, you can use a variety of materials, from wood to glass blocks to shower curtains, to make your outdoor shower as permanent or whimsical as you choose.

Typically, for ease of installation, outdoor shower heads are installed on connecting walls that already have plumbing. It is important to think about the ground surface for your shower, as well. You want a surface that can drain easily, but that provides sure footing without being uncomfortable to stand on barefoot. Wood planks are a popular coastal choice, as are brick and stone.

Don’t forget to add in hooks to hang wet bathing suits out to dry or to hang a towel for drying off. You will also want a place to hold soap and shampoo and any other shower accessories you might enjoy. Outdoor stools are a fun way to provide a place to set items, while also introducing a pop of color and fun.

Glenn Layton Homes often includes outdoor showers in their homes. They can be as simple or whimsical as you want, blending seamlessly with your home’s exterior or standing out as an admired feature. Think about how you and your family will use an outdoor shower and work with your custom builder to help you create the perfect spot for rinsing and relaxing.


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