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Reasons to Move to Nocatee

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One of the great reasons to move to Nocatee is the opportunity to own one of the custom-built homes in Ponte Vedra FL from Glenn Layton Homes. We work hard to give you an exceptional coastal home that fits its surroundings but also fits your needs and wants. Of course, having a Glenn Layton home in the Nocatee community is like winning the jackpot, thanks to all of the fantastic amenities, features and perks in this unique community.

We all know the location mantra when it comes to choosing a home, and Nocatee is an ideal location for a home. For one thing, residents of the Nocatee neighborhoods like Twenty Mile, are only 10 minutes from the heart of Ponte Vedra Beach and the beautiful coastline that can be enjoyed all year long, even if it’s just for a scenic walk. Plus, whether for work or play, Nocatee is less than 25 minutes from the country’s oldest city, St. Augustine, which is always worth a visit. Downtown Jacksonville isn’t far, either, nor is Jacksonville Beach, meaning you have plenty of great coastal options.

Just as important as location is your overall home value. The Nocatee community is among the top 10 wealthiest zip codes in Northeast Florida. In fact, St. John’s County, where Nocatee is located, is considered the richest county in Florida, and it’s where you’ll find the best new home opportunities, as well as the top-rated school district in Florida. The value has grown since 2015 and it is likely to remain an in-demand area for years to come.

Finally, one of the biggest stand-outs when it comes to Nocatee is the extensive range of amenities. This isn’t your average neighborhood, this is a resort-like community. For example, there’s the Nocatee Spray Park, featuring a four-story above-ground interactive spray playground, the tallest in Northeast Florida. There’s also the Splash Water Park, which is reserved solely for residents, and it includes a tiki bar, a lazy river, outdoor dining, the tallest slide tower in Northeast Florida, and more. Other Nocatee features include a more traditional playground, event lawn, bar & grill, outdoor seating area, several dog parks, acres of nature trails, neighborhood parks, a fitness club, the Nocatee Preserve, the Nocatee Landing, and a wealth of other outdoor activities. Plus, it features electric vehicle pathways, as Nocatee was the region’s first planned community to be electric vehicle approved.

Nocatee is always updating and improving, too, so you can feel confident if you choose to go with Glenn Layton and have them build one of the homes in Ponte Vedra FL for you in the Twenty Mile neighborhood of Nocatee. This is a truly outstanding community full of plenty of reasons to call it home. Plus, St. Johns County is the healthiest in Florida, thanks to the variety of outdoor activities to keep you active, fit and entertained. It’s hard to imagine a better place to call home!

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