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Reasons You Should Renovate Your Home

All too often, people put off renovating their home until they’re ready to sell it and want to make it more appealing. Yet why put all that money in when you don’t get to enjoy it for long? You should enjoy living in your home, not feel frustrated. If you’ve been considering some renovations, now is the time to act. Best of all, Glenn Layton Homes isn’t just a new home builder in Jacksonville Beach FL, we’re experienced renovators and can turn your dated or difficult home into a dream home with some renovation TLC.

Obviously, renovations will make your home worth more if you do eventually decide to sell, but you should do the renovations for yourself, not just potential buyers. Part of doing it for yourself isn’t just your pleasure in the new look but in the way your home becomes more functional and potentially improves the quality of your life. An out-dated kitchen or bathroom can be a money drain with old appliances that aren’t energy efficient. They also may not work as well, causing you frustration with weak showers, plumbing issues, or layouts that make doing any task difficult. Plus, so many people spend time in the kitchen, even when not necessarily cooking, so you should have a place where you’re happy to gather and have those informal chats.

It’s not just appliances that can be a drain on the quality of your home and your wallet. Older homes weren’t usually built as environmentally efficiently as they are today, thanks to better materials and design. A renovation can not only make your home look better, but in the process, it can make your home more environmentally friendly with better windows, insulation, and other elements. Your rooms will stay cooler without having to crank the AC up as high, and there will be fewer drafts in those few but still cold winter months. Not only will you feel more comfortable, you’ll save more money on energy bills.

People are looking forward to doing more entertaining in their homes these days and a renovation can make that more enjoyable and less embarrassing. Instead of feeling self-conscious about worn out furniture and out-dated room designs, you can create a new entertainment space, whether it’s an updated living room, dining area, or even an amazing covered back patio that becomes like a second living room. You can even create a smooth transition from indoors to outdoors to make the most of your home, giving your guests space to mingle and feel comfortable, inside and out.

Ultimately, when you choose a top quality new home builder in Jacksonville Beach FL, like Glenn Layton Homes, to do your renovation, we aim to make the experience a positive one. We work with you on your ideas and concerns and introduce new ideas and features that you might not have considered, ensuring you end up with a fantastic renovation that surpasses your expectations and makes you want to stay in your home for many more years to come.

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