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Surprising Ways to Invest in Your House

If you’re ready to work with Glenn Layton Homes, a leading home builder in Jacksonville FL, you probably have an existing home that you want to sell to help finance your dream home. While no one wants to put a lot of money into a home they’re going to sell, there are some surprising ways to improve the value of your home, making it more appealing to buyers so you can get the best price.

The kitchen is the heart of so many homes. As a result, that’s an area to think seriously about making improvements. Besides making sure your appliances are working properly, one of the best ways to improve the value of your home is to update the cabinets. Make sure they look contemporary and not outdated and also make sure they flow well with the rest of your home. It’s worthwhile to work with a company that focuses on cabinetry to make sure you have a solid update.

Bathrooms are another solid area of investment. If the tiles in your bathroom are outdated, broken, or would just look better with an update, it’s worth replacing them. If you have a floor material other than tile, such as vinyl, definitely upgrade to a flattering tile. You could go one step further and install heated tile to turn your bathroom into a spa-like setting. Consider upgrading shower heads, as well, if they’ve seen better days.

A new coat of paint, inside and out, also gives your home a fresh, clean look. Inside, you can focus on rooms that haven’t been painted in a while, rather than doing the whole interior. Outside, depending on the materials, paint or a power wash may bring new sparkle and life to increase your curb appeal.

Finally, especially in Florida, make sure your HVAC system is up to date. While you may not want to replace the whole system, you may want to consider a thorough review of the system to find any issues that are reducing the capability and see if there are any reasonable upgrades. If it’s completely out of date, you may want to make the investment in a new system, as potential buyers could factor that into any reductions in the asking price. While it’s tempting to go cheap, buyers are looking for systems that are energy efficient and will save money. It may be worth the extra money now in terms of the return on your investment when it comes to the final sale price.

These are a few areas where making a change can have a big visual impact, as well as a positive financial impact. The newer and up-to-date your home looks, whatever its age, the more comfortable people are going to feel in purchasing it. That will lead to a better sale price, which you can put toward your own dream home built by Glenn Layton Homes, an expert home builder in Jacksonville FL. Best of all, Glenn Layton also does renovations! You know you’ll get quality work and you’ll get a real feel for their professionalism.

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