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The Benefits of Living Near Water

Getting away to the beach is a dream vacation for most people. However, when you purchase one of Glenn Layton Homes’ custom coastal homes in Ponte Vedra Beach, every day can be like a vacation in a luxurious resort. The elegant and comfortable homes we build, in communities like River Landing at Twenty Mile and elsewhere, make the most of the waterfront living, allowing you to reap its benefits.

Living near water is beneficial for the mind and body. Obviously, taking part in a variety of water sports and activities can be good for your physical health through enjoyable exercise. Paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming, and boating are some of the more physical activities. Yet fishing, going for a stroll, or sitting back and enjoying the sunrise or sunset can be beneficial in its own way.

Just living near water can do wonders for your mental health, as it tends to make us calmer, happier, and often more inspired. The view of a body of water can help calm your mind and body. The smooth flow of the water and the gentle rush of waves creates a relaxing environment. The slow rhythms help us relax, while the changing light and movement of the water keeps the scenery interesting and engaging, without being overstimulating.

In fact, being near natural bodies of water can help reduce stress and anxiety. When you live in a home on or near the water, you can take a moment to break away from the daily stress and go unwind by the water, slowing your heart and breathing until you’re feeling better.

As well as the more obvious benefits of living by the water, there’s the social benefit. Just being around others, even without direct interaction can help people feel more connected and less lonely. Go for a stroll or stop and have a coffee with a view of the water to feel a part of the community. However, living in a waterfront community also makes it easier to make new connections with people as there are more opportunities to meet people sharing similar interests. Communities like River Landing have a private community park and community boat dock, making it easy to get to know your neighbors and socialize if you want.

Why limit yourself to just the occasional beach trip when you can live right by the water in one of our homes in Ponte Vedra Beach. If you’ve been longing to move close to the water to make the most of all of its many benefits, contact us today to learn about our custom coastal homes that make the most of indoor/outdoor living and the benefits of living by the water.

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